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Editorial columns

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    I am writing in response to recent articles about teacher evaluation. There seems to be disbelief by certain groups that 87 percent of Indiana teachers are effective or highly effective.
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Web letter by Shawn Mitchener and family: Close analysis shows Democrats more closely aligned with Christian teachings

Let’s stop and take a moment to analyze which political party follows Christian teachings more closely.

The Republican Party always claims to be the Christian party, but let us look at some key issues. Abortion: Even though abortion is not mentioned in the Scriptures, it seems to be a major Christian issue. The Republicans say we need to stop the right of women to have an abortion. The Republicans’ plan is to just say no. But with pills on the market that can cause one to have an abortion, women will get those pills or even go back to having “back alley” abortions. The Democrats take the method of giving women free access to birth control or other contraceptives so they can limit unwanted pregnancies. A study recently showed that free access to the pill would cut abortions by two-thirds. Which of the methods would really reduce abortions without making women second-class citizens?

The second major issue is homosexuality and gay marriage. Republicans want to redefine what the definition of marriage is. What good will come from this? Will homosexuality and gay marriage disappear if we redefine the word “marriage”?

The third issue to look at is the most referred to in the Scriptures but rarely preached in today’s churches: greed, the root of all evil. Republicans push that greed is good through their economic policies. It is called supply side economics, which totally goes against everything that God told us to do. Take a look at Jesus Christ teaching about the rich. We have seen the effects of greed-side economics (supply-side economics) on our country and the people in it. Our country prospered the most when we had a greed tax that fought this sin and Americans did very well. After World War II, the nation was in great debt and used a very high tax (more than 75 percent) on the wealthy to prevent another Great Depression and pay down the debt. It worked great until supply-side economics under Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. The middle class has been on a constant slide downhill since Reagan, and our deficit is increasing. If we want to make the economy prosper again, then we need to tax the wealthy and force money back into the economy through investment.

We can also ask which party does a better job of feeding the poor and healing the sick. The answer is the Democrats.

We watch how religious zealots take advantage of people in foreign countries, and we are having the same methods being used in the United States. I believe that if we were living back at the time Jesus Christ walked the Earth, there are a lot of Republican candidates nowadays who would make great Pharisees. It is obvious that people do not read their Bible or there would be talk of confronting the politicians about greed and that it needs to be addressed at a national level.