Political Notebook

  • Track political TV advertising with Ad Trackers
    The Center for Public Integrity in Washington D.C. has a cool new feature - Ad Trackers, that chart political TV advertising in political races nationwide.
  • Allen Right to Life PAC endorses 24
    The Allen County Right to Life Political Action Committee announced Wednesday it has endorsed 24 candidates in the Nov. 4 election for federal, state, county and school board seats.
  • Hoosiers asked to help make Indiana more competitive
    The Indiana Department of Revenue on Monday released a report of ideas and recommendations generated at the Indiana Tax Competitiveness and Simplification Conference in June.

Daniels' concession speech -- if he ever had to give one

On the very last pages of a new book out this week containing selected speeches by Gov. Mitch Daniels, is a fascinating look at what he would have said if was defeated in 2008.

Aiming Higher - the governor's personal non-profit - published the book, titled "Words that changed a state."

It includes inaugaral addresses, his State of the State speeches, commencement talks, campaign events and national speeches to boot.

In the book, Daniels notes that he attended all but one of the 21 funerals for the Hoosier military personnel lost from 2005-2012 (he was out of the country for the one he missed.) And he almost always choked up and had to compose himself during he speech.

But the speech he never gave is probably the most interesting. If he had lost to Democrat Jill Long Thompson in 2008, here is a snippet of what he would have said:

"Better four years of action and accomplishment than eight years of sitting timidly on our hands. Better to lose an election because we dared and did, than to win one because we talked a good game while doing nothing of consequence."

Then, later, "Ours is a far, far better state because we came along. John Adams wrote, 'duty is ours. The results are God's'. I trust that tonight's result is the best one for the people of the state we love, but I believe that the results of the last four years will prove to be, as well. Good night, and goodbye."

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