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Web letter by David Williams: ‘Center-left majority’ will force GOP to take new approach

Since the election, when President Obama won a convincing majority of votes and re-election, I have heard a steady stream of excuses from Republicans as to why this happened. Among them: We didn’t get our message out, Obama bought votes or the Democrats rigged the election, just to name a few.

We are in fact a “center left” country. If so many of the Republicans didn’t spend so much time in the bizzaro alternate universe of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right-wing talk-radio crowd, they could possibly give themselves the opportunity to discover reality instead of party-line programming.

Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. In this election alone Obama won the popular vote, the Electoral College vote, won every claimed home state of the Republican challengers including the supposedly popular Paul Ryan’s state of Wisconsin and took every swing state but one. While Republicans managed to hang on to Congress due to the recent redrawings of freshly and highly gerrymandered Districts, fact is from a Democratic standpoint, the total number of votes for Democrats in the House as well as the Senate outnumbered the Republicans by millions. These are simple facts you’ll never hear on Fox News or from Limbaugh and the like. Democrats also gained seats in both the House and Senate.

I believe I know why this election was so one-sided. Republicans have so severely underestimated those of us who have such great admiration for this president, his humble beginnings, his impeccable family values, his amazing sense of fairness, his decision to dedicate his career to the public good rather than to seek great personal wealth as people such as Mitt Romney chose to do. Because of these outstanding qualities and so many others, people like myself and millions of others have been taking all these mean-spirited, downright nasty personal remarks on Obama’s character as personal attacks on all of us.

Due to that and all the not-so-secret efforts by Republicans to disenfranchise so many others by vague threats and making it more difficult for some to vote, I am convinced that all these less than democratic efforts had the cumulative effect just the opposite of the intended result. I can’t ever recall any election in my lifetime that I got so much personal satisfaction from the result. I know many others feel the same.

So, going forward, I offer a word of advice which Republicans may choose to ignore at their party’s own peril. When you have policy differences with Obama, be sure it’s because of policy and not because of something uglier. Try debating the facts a little more often. Quit making so many ridiculous things up. Change the channel and listen to what the rest of the world is saying and doing. If you don’t change your approach, the next election is going to be very brutal for you. After all, we are a “center left majority.”