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Top 2 percent canít be squeezed any harder

It is sad to see the leaders of our government acting like those who, in the fable “The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs,” instead of being satisfied with the number of eggs being laid, decided to kill the goose in hopes of getting more.

That is what increasing taxes upon the top 2 percent equates to. This 2 percent includes those who either are major investors in the businesses (including factories) or services they own. We are already starting to see the effects of the Affordable Health Care Act, where layoffs are being made so that the cost of Obamacare can be avoided. The cost to individuals and to families for health insurance will rise by an estimated $2,500.

Thus, with the enforcement of Obamacare, the unemployment rate will increase and more people will be applying for federal assistance, which then increases the tax burden upon those who are still employed.

I am in my 70s, and I am a strong supporter of Third District Rep. Marlin Stutzman as well as Sen. Dan Coats and their fight for conservatism. I am a retiree of the U.S. Army, a retiree of industry and currently self-employed as a private businessman, as well as a small-acreage farmer.

And I am proud to say that I have never taken a government handout.

In fact, I am also supporting a grown child, who due to physical problems that are not totally disabling does not qualify for disability benefits.


Make Friesí phone number available to everyone

I have a solution for the Ken Fries-Paul Moss fiasco that will satisfy everyone.

Make Sheriff Fries’ cell number available to all the citizens of Allen County so that in the event of a traffic stop, we may feel free to contact him to help speed up the process, if necessary.

When this happens, I intend to post for sale a large suspension bridge in Brooklyn that I have no further use for.


Many causes at root of todayís social mess

I hear the complaint that school vouchers are costing this or that. What about the many who paid local taxes over the years to see it squandered on more than education like large football stadiums, etc. Yet they sent their children to a Catholic or Lutheran school, not because they had the money but because that school educated them with the skills to not be a burden on society?

So cry foul for the voucher. The meek (who shall inherit the earth) then should cry “taxation without representation.” We now have more entitlement programs than we have money for. We are not allowed to teach morals in the classroom, but spend bucks to teach the bully. It’s no wonder we have lost individuals in our society.

The nation should consider before the next national election just what society we are creating. We spend big bucks to get a job that is a tenth of what most CEOs in large companies take home. Not to say the president should earn more, but it is just how lopsided we are.

By the way, the best thing that happened at Christmastime when I was young was going to the GE party. We watched a great show with magic, music, some moral faith-based lesson and received a big bag filled with fruit, a candy (a Bun Bar) and some other local company’s gift. The company cared about its “working family.” So complain if you will, but remember all things come at a cost, and “to whom much is given from much will be expected.”