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    CHEERS to everyone who “Bowled for Brittany” at the event a couple of Saturdays ago. Britt truly was surprised as her friends and family packed Thunderbowl Lanes. Some lanes had three and four teams.
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    We have started down road to totalitarianismWith a judge now reversing the gay marriage ban in Indiana, it will be interesting to see the eventual result of this action.
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    Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen stated as published in the July 2 Journal Gazette that she does not see any threats to the economy as interest rates remain low.

Web letter by Richard H. Loney: Missing fiscal cliff deadline won’t trigger Armageddon

Let’s face it: Our inept House and the equally fractious executive branch of our federal government are not going to reach a complete deal to avoid sequestration taking effect on Jan. 1. This isn’t just because the two parties can’t reach a deal but because both branches are fully aware that not much will happen if the much media-hyped deal isn’t reached before the “over the cliff” deadline of Jan. 1.

What the media really haven’t talked about is the fact that the Office of Management and Budget will undoubtedly use a little-discussed procedure known as apportionment to avoid any sort of a budget crash in January. Now this doesn’t mean that the cuts wouldn’t eventually happen, but it does mean that the much-feared effect upon our large local defense industry will be somewhat limited until sense is perhaps restored to our nation’s politicians.

What it does mean if apportionment is used is that we will be faced with endless childish squabbles over everything from military pay to FCC frequency allocations; however, such squabbles may be long overdue.

Oh, there may be a very small partial agreement, but don’t look for much when the party I say I belong to only gives two pages of proposals to avoid going over the cliff and the president’s staff has so many that they had to be bound in hardback form. I predict that the Republicans will respond to the polls to avoid the appearance of being the old white man’s party that caters to the rich.

Well, I am one of those old white men, but I split my vote and vote for the good guys, such as Joe Donnelly, who appear on the other party’s ballot. That revealed, I will also say that I am disgusted with all the blathering of neo-libs and neo-cons and their “my way or the highway” politics. It seems that they want to serve their party leaders’ needs rather than our nation’s Constitution and its citizens.

Don’t buy in to the euphoria of the last-minute settlement. It is only playing to the polls and delaying the discussions that need to be held and changes made to everything about our federal government, including revenue.

With tongue in cheek, I say: Let’s form the Beer Party and, at the next election, kick out all of the current do-nothing representatives whose allegiance is to their party leaders and not the nation. No more media circuses such as “Over the Cliff.”


Fort Wayne