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Motor Racing

  • Late sprint gets Harvick 1st Cup title
    Kevin Harvick charged through the field, picking off car after car, passing two other title contenders on a series of restarts.
  • Elliott celebrates Nationwide title at Homestead
    HOMESTEAD, Fla. — Chase Elliott could let Matt Kenseth take a spin with the checkered flag. Even without the win, Elliott had a championship celebration waiting for him in Victory Lane.
  • Sprint Cup crown down to final race
    There was pushing, punching, one ambush in a darkened garage and a bloody brawl. There were thousands of hours spent analyzing the path to the Sprint Cup title as teams tried to adapt to NASCAR’s new championship format.

Auto racing


Partial results

MIDGETS (National/Focus/Kenyon Car)

Qualifications – 1. Derek Bischak, 31, Bischak, 8.155 seconds; 2. Joe Liguori, 67, Liguori, 8.200; 3. David Gough, 6, Gough, 8.247; 4. Tony Stewart, 2, Stewart, 8.259; 5. Geoff Kaiser, 10, Moore, 8.278; 6. Brandon Knupp, 78k, Chambers, 8.318; 7. Jimmy Anderson, 99g, Guess, 8.382; 8. Justin Peck, 5x, Clay, 8.444; 9. Billy Wease, 99, Burrow, 8.445; 10. Cory Setser, 24, Setser, 8.457; 11. Russ Gamester, 46, Gamester, 8.486; 12. Bobby East, 61, Kenyon, 8.513; 13. Mike Fedorcak, 97, Stewart, 8.524; 14. Cooper Clouse, 14c, Clouse, 8.625; 15. Rex Norris III, 63, Norris, 8.667; 16. Rich Corson, 15, Corson, 8.672; 17. Jim "Timex" Morgan, 2m, Morgan, 8.685; 18. Joey Burrow, 49, Burrow, 8.740; 19. Matt Westfall, 19, Ryder, 8.778; 20. Chris Jagger, 27, Jagger, 8.806; 21. Chris deRitis, 66, deRitis, 8.842; 22. Stratton Briggs, 2r, Briggs, 8.857; 23. Bryan Nuckles, 59, Nuckles, 8.871; 24. Aaron Pierce, 26, Gaines, 8.919; 25. Basil Hicks, 88, Hicks, 8.952; 26. Vince Kuelbs Jr., 10x, Wallace, 9.028; 27. Bobby Santos III, 98, Burrow, 9.057; 28. Joe Swanson, 3, Barnett, 9.073; 29. Terry Ahern, 6t6, Ahern, 9.346; 30. Mike Wallace, 10w, Wallace, 9.399; 31. Keith Ousley, 14, Ousley, 9.482; 32. Mike Osite, 20, Fedorcak, 9.610; 33. Nick Hamilton, 3h, Hamilton, 9.817; 34. Grant Galloway, 84, Galloway, 15.648; 35. Bill Hulbert, 88x, Hulbert, NT; 36. Kyle Hamilton, 33, Hamilton, NT.

First heat (10 laps) – Bischak, Corson, Gamester, deRitids, Ousley, Knupp, Kuelbs.

Second heat (10 laps) – East, Liguori, Santos, Anderson, Briggs, Morgan, Osite.

Third heat (10 laps) – Fedorcak, Gough, Peck, Nuckles, N. Hamilton, Swanson, Burrow.

Fourth heat (10 laps) – Stewart, Clouse, Pierce, Galloway, Westfall, Ahern, Wease.

Fifth heat (10 laps) – Kaiser, Setser, Hulbert, Jagger, Wallace, Norris, Hicks.

First semi-feature (12 laps) – Knupp, Hurlbert, Nuckles, Santos, Ousley, Gamester.

Second semi-feature (12 laps) – Anderson, Pierce, Jagger, Osite, Norris, Swanson.

Third semi-feature (12 laps) – Peck, deRitis, N. Hamilton, Hicks, Ahern.

Fourth semi-feature (12 laps) – Wease, Galloway, Briggs, Wallace, Burrow, Kuelbs.

Feature (50 laps) – Billy Wease, Justin Peck, Jimmy Anderson, Bobby East, Mike Fedorcak, Geoff Kaiser, Cooper Clouse, Rich Corson, Cory Setser, Brandon Knupp, David Gough, Tony Stewart, Joe Liguori, Derek Bischak. Lap leaders: Fedorcak 1-26, Clouse 27-48, Wease 49-50.


Qualifications – 1. Ryan Smith, 22s, VanDoren, 8.105 seconds; 2. Erick Rudolph, 22r, Lafler, 8.144; 3. Tim Neal, 19, Dunigan, 8.278; 4. Ben Quinones, 20, Advanced Products, 8.292; 5. John Ivy, 94, HMS, 8.323; 6. Cap Henry, 04, HMS, 8.324; 7. Chase Ridenour, 11r, Ridenour, 8.448; 8. Amanda Quinones, 007, Advanced Products, 8.474; 9. Tyler Ross, 3t, Holmquist, 8.519; 10. Mark Zumbrun, 35z, Zumbrun, 8.618; 11. Drew Dorsett, 11b, Sager-Bickel, 8.621; 12. Larry Joe Sroufe, 21, Sroufe, 8.638; 13. Clay Sanders, 21x, Sanders, 8.650; 14. Kyle Henry, 51h, Ormsby, 8.698; 15. Russ Gamester, 49, Gamester, 8.706; 16. Bill Dunham, 84, Dunham, 8.717; 17. Chris Hettinger, 7, Hettinger, 8.767; 18. Jason Ormsby, 51, Ormsby, 8.795; 19. Braiden Black, 8b, Black, 8.814; 20. Kyle Lick, 8L, Lick, 8.859; 21. Chris Miller, 15, Miller, 9.106; 22. Tyler Fitzpatrick, 57, Fitzpatrick, 9.162; 23. Marv Hephner, 45, Hephner, 9.171; 24. Brad Lamberson, 27, Lamberson, 9.187; 25. A.J. Lesiecki, 14, Lesiecki, 9.213; 26. Jim Sipe, 26s, Sager, 9.240; 27. Nick Landon, 82, Landon, 9.342; 28. Tyler Ransbottom, 29, Allen, 9.349; 29. Gary Klein, 68, Klein, 9.388; 30. Howard McCormick, 2, Strausbaugh, 9.396; 31. Bruce Bretzman, 52, Bretzman, 9.428; 32. Roger Ritchey, 25r, Ritchey, 9.430; 33. Butch Hamilton, 1h, Hamilton, 9.473; 34. Steve Myers, 88, Myers, 9.519; 35. Mike Brooks, 84x, Brooks, 9.614; 36. Bob Baker, 22, Baker, 9.826; 37. R.J. Wiggam, 52w, Fastrax, 9.980; 38. Nick Richards, 12r, Chaudion, 11.548; 39. Colin Parker, 4, Hylton, NT; 40. Rusty Strausbaugh, 29x, Strausbaugh, NT.

First heat (10 laps) – Smith, C. Henry, Dunham, Bretzman, Sipe, Brooks, Miller, Dorsett.

Second heat (10 laps) – Sroufe, Rudolph, Ridenour, Landon, Fitzpatrick, Ritchey, Baker, Hettinger.

Third heat (10 laps) – Ormsby, Neal, A. Quinones, Sanders, Wiggam, Ransbottom, Hamilton, Hephner.

Fourth heat (10 laps) – Ross, Black, K. Henry, Lamberson, Klein, B. Quinones.

Fifth heat (10 laps) – Ivy, Gamester, Zumbrun, McCormick, Shockney, Lesiecki, Lick.

First semi-feature (12 laps) – B. Quinones, K. Henry, Zumbrun, Lick, Ritchey, Sipe, Brooks, Myers, Klein.

Second semi-feature (12 laps) – Ridenour, Miller, Landon, Dorsett, Dunham, Baker, Lamberson, McCormick, Hamilton, Richards.

Third semi-feature (12 laps) – A. Quinones, Sanders, Wiggam, Shockney, Fitzpatrick, Bretzman, Ransbottom, Lesiecki.

Feature (30 laps) – Erick Rudolph, Tyler Ross, Chris Miller, Tim Neal, Chase Ridenour, Ben Quinones, Cap Henry, Clay Sanders, Amanda Quinones, Russ Gamester, Jason Ormsby, Larry Joe Sroufe, John Ivy, Ryan Smith, Braiden Black, Kyle Henry. Lap leaders: Gamester 1-2, Ross 3-13, C. Henry 14-28, Rudolph 29-30.


Heat, round one (8 laps) – Matt Dimit, Mike Villena, A.J. Spagnuolo, Ty Tilton, Nick Yoder, Nate Purtee, Kyle Mills, Skylar Wilson, Bill Cook, Dustin Hammond.

Heat, round two (8 laps) – Spagnuolo, Dimit, Tilton, Mills, Yoder, Villena, Wilson, Purtee, Cook, Hammond.

Feature (18 laps) – A.J. Spagnuolo, Matt Dimit, Kyle Mills, Dustin Hammond, Mike Villena, Ty Tilton, Nate Purtee, Skyler Wilson, Bill Cook, Nick Yoder.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Mike Markle, Dustin Heath, David Dipple, A.J. Spagnuolo, Cody Egan, Dustin Lundgren, Matt Foos, Dillon Nusbaum, Matt Farnham.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Philip Schneider, Jake Shelley, Jason Dunn, Alleca Kerker, Cameron Deckard, Preston Oberle, C.J. Leary, Justin Sondgeroth, Brock Anderson.

Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Zach Axlen, Ryan Moran, Mike Villena, Zack Loe, Adam Unverferth, Ty Tilton, Damen Bock, Aaron Orr.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – Heath, Markle, Dipple, Lundgren, Farnham, Foos, Egan, Nusbaum, Spagnuolo.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Shelley, Schneider, Oberle, Deckard, Leary, Sondgeroth, Anderson, Kerker, Dunn.

Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Axlen, Moran, Tilton, Villena, Bock, Loe, Unverferth, Orr.

First semi-feature (8 laps) – Dipple, Kerker, Deckard, Dunn, Lundgren, Nusbaum, Foos , Sondgeroth.

Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Oberle, Bock, Leary, Villena, Loe, Farnham, Anderson.

Feature (18 laps) – Philip Schneider, Zach Axlen, Jake Shelley, Preston Oberle, Ryan Moran, Cameron Deckard, Adam Unverferth, Damen Bock, C.J. Leary, David Dipple, Alleca Kerker, Mike Markle.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Jason Dunn, Justin Sondgeroth, Ryan Moran, Zach Axlen, David Dipple, Preston Oberle, Cameron Deckard, Brock Anderson, Mark Click.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Philip Schneider, Jake Shelley, Alleca Kerker, Zack Loe, Matt Randall, Matt Farnham, Dustin Lundgren, Cody Egan, Lance Mitchey.

Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Dustin Heath, Mike Markle, Matt Foos, C.J. Leary, Dillon Nusbaum, Nate Randall, Zach Wolff, Adam Unverferth, Scott Orr.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – Dunn, Axlen, Moran, Sondgeroth, Deckard, Oberle, Anderson, Dipple, Click.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Shelley, Schneider, Farnham, M. Randall, Kerker, Loe, Lundgren, Mitchey, Egan.

Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Leary, Markle, N. Randall, Heath, Nusbaum, Wolff, Unverferth, Foos, Orr.

First semi-feature (8 laps) – Axlen, Oberle, Nusbaum, M. Randall, Wolff, Lundgren, Moran, Farnham, Click.

Second semi-feature (8 laps) – N. Randall, Kerker, Deckard, Dipple, Sondgeroth, Unverferth, Zack Loe, Foos, Anderson.

Feature (18 laps) – Jason Dunn, Phil Schneider, Zach Axlen, Preston Oberle, Mike Markle, Dustin Heath, Cameron Deckard, Alleca Kerker, C.J. Leary, Dillon Nusbaum, Nate Randall.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Sam Longanbach, Breanna Deckard, Rick Dukes, Kevin Wall Jr. , Cole Rhoton, Ryan Ball, Zack Myers, Steven Berlin, Dylan Kinney, Joshua James.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Jeremy Howe, John Ventrella III, Mike Ernsberger, Ron Vandermeir, John Kline, Craig Strayer, Cullen Mumaw, Tyler Strickland, Jason Anderson, Mikael Hinton.

Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Jason Dunn, Dan Bouc, Joel Best, John Hawley, Dustin Vandermeir, Cody Ecoff, Aric Vandermeir, Dylan Woodling, Jared Bennett.

Fourth heat, round one (8 laps) – Brad Schieber, Dustin Ingle, Brandon Schnittke, Nathan Myers, A.J. Geren, Ty Conrad, Mike Villena, Kyle Dager, Joshua Davis.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – Wall Jr., Longanbach, Rhoton, Dukes, Deckard, Kinney, Myers, James, Ball, Berlin.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Ernsberger, R. Vandermeir, Ventrella, Strayer, Mumaw, Strickland, Howe, Anderson, Kline, Hinton. Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Dunn, Bouc, Hawley, Bennett, Best, D. Vandermeir, A. Vandermeir, Ecoff, Woodling.

Fourth heat, round two (8 laps) – Schieber, Schnittke, Ingle, Geren, Myers, Conrad, Davis, Dager, Villena.

First semi-feature (8 laps) – Hawley, R. Vandermeir, Strayer, Mumaw, Rhoton, Davis, Anderson, James, A. Vandermeir. Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Schnittke, Deckard, Bennett, Woodling, Z. Myers, N. Myers, Howe, Ball, Villena, D. Vandermeir.

Third semi-feature (8 laps) – Berlin, Conrad, Geren, Kinney, Kline, Dager, Best, Strickland, Dukes, Wall.

Feature (18 laps) – Jason Dunn, Dustin Ingle, Dan Bouc, Brandon Schnittke, Sam Longanbach, John Hawley, Brad Schieber, Breanna Deckard, Mike Ernsberger, Steven Berlin, Ron Vandermeir, Ty Conrad.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Kole Holden, AshleeKaye Marqueling, Dylan Anderson, Tanner Ballard, Derek Hammond, Justin Lewis, Gene Gregoric III, Sam Weaver.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Kobe Allison, Samuel Crawford, Sheldon Oberle, Derek Lilly, Amanda Bohn, Ben Knight, Johnathon Gatton.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – Lewis, Hammond, Gregoric, Anderson, Marqueling, Weaver, Holden, Ballard.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Allison, Gatton, Lilly, Crawford, Bohn, Knight, Oberle.

Semi-feature (8 laps) – Oberle, Gatton, Knight, Ballard, Weaver , Lewis, Gregoric, Bohn.

Feature (18 laps) – Kobe Allison, Samuel Crawford, Sam Weaver, Derek Hammond, AshleeKaye Marqueling, Justin Lewis, Derek Lilly, Jonathon Gatton, Sheldon Oberle, Tanner Ballard, Dylan Anderson, Ben Knight.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Mikey Giachetti, Griffin Hisle, Eddie Ecoff, Gene Gregoric III, Breiden Mooney, Kyler Bowlby.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Cory Hersha, Kole Holden, Korbyn Hayslett, Joey Pendergrass, Harrison Hadley, Jonathan Raney.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – Mooney, Giachetti, Gregoric, Hisle, Bowlby, Ecoff.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Hayslett, Holden, Hersha, Pendergrass, Hadley, Raney.

Feature (18 laps) – Cory Hersha, Kole Holden, Mikey Giachetti, Korbyn Hayslett, Joey Pendergrass, Griffin Hisle, Harrison Hadley, Breiden Mooney, Gene Gregoric III, Jonathon Raney, Kyler Bowlby, Eddie Ecoff.


Heat, round one (8 laps) – Aiden Williamson, Jakeb Boxell, Corbin Lehman, Michael Villena, Caleb King, Chase Colclasure, Madison Bland, Blayne Keckler, Taylor Dietsch, Jacob Putnam.

Heat, round two (8 laps) – Williamson, Boxell, Lehman, Bland, Villena, King, Keckler, Colclasure, Dietsch.

Feature (18 laps) – Aiden Williamson, Corbin Lehman, Madison Bland, Jakeb Boxell, Caleb King, Chase Colclasure, Taylor Dietsch, Blayne Keckler, Michael Villena.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Ryan Moran, Nathan Bevard, Joshua Davis, Craig Strayer, Connor Lund, Kyle DeKnight, Tim Creech II, Cody Jarrett, Kyle Burns.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Cody Egan, Sam Longanbach, Damen Bock, Joe Barker, Charlie Schultz, Scott Hamble, John H. Miller, Kelly Bowlby, Josh Gray.

Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Zach Axlen, Dustin Lundgren, Dustin Heath, A.J. Spagnuolo, Tim Ice, Darrin Hurley, Owen Calderwood, Brian Barnett.

Fourth heat, round one (8 laps) – Philip Schneider, Jamie Ferrell, Matt Browning, Bill Booher, Dellas Burns, Garrett Gosnell, Ryan Longyear, Joe Speakman.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – Moran, Bevard, Lund, Davis, Strayer, DeKnight, Jarrett, Burns, Creech.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Bock, Schultz, Barker, Egan, Hamble, Miller, Longanbach, Gray, Bowlby.

Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Heath, Axlen, Lundgren, Spagnuolo, Ice, Barnett, Calderwood, Hurley.

Fourth heat, round two (8 laps) – Schneider, Ferrell, Browning, Booher, Gosnell, Longyear, Burns, Speakman.

First semi-feature (8 laps) – Heath, Schultz, Lund, Ice, Hurley, DeKnight, Browning, Bowlby, Longyear.

Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Egan, Davis, Strayer, Calderwood, Booher, Burns, Gray, Jarrett, Gosnell.

Third semi-feature (8 laps) – Lundgren, Hamble, Miller, Creech, Longanbach, Barker.

Feature (18 laps) – Phil Schneider, Zach Axlen, Ryan Moran, Cody Egan, Charlie Schultz, Dustin Heath, Dustin Lundgren, Jamie Ferrell, Damen Bock, Scott Hamble, Nathan Bevard.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Charlie Schultz, Dellas Burns, Kyle Burns, Dustin Vandermeir, Steve Burkholder, Todd Squires, Jason Brown, Joe Speakman.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Dustin Heath, Dustin Lundgren, Joshua Davis, Brian Gerster, Joe Barker, Paul Luczko, Shania Bland.

Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Zach Axlen, Connor Lund, Jamie Ferrell, Brad King, Bill Booher, Matt Browning, Brian Huffman.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – Schultz, Brown, Vandermeir, Squires, D. Burns, Burkholder, K. Burns, Speakman.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Lundgren, Davis, Barker, Heath, Gerster, Luczko, Bland.

Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Axlen, Ferrell, Lund, Browning, King, Booher, Huffman.

First semi-feature (8 laps) – D. Burns, Squires, Booher, K. Burns, Huffman, Gerster.

Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Barker, Vandermeir, Brown, King, Burkholder, Browning, Luczko.

Feature (18 laps) – Zach Axlen, Dustin Lundgren, Charlie Schultz, Dustin Heath, Jamie Ferrell, Dustin Vandermeir, Bill Booher, Dellas Burns, Todd Squires, Jason Brown, Joshua Davis, Joe Barker, Connor Lund.


Heat, round one (8 laps) – Addison Lushin, Aaron Leffel, Hayden Sprague, Chase Burda, Starla Parsons, Jarrett Gerber.

Heat, round two (8 laps) – Chase Brandon, Bennett Lushin, Stephen Darling, Corey Smith, Caleb Rybolt, Lexi Pohlman, Griffin Brown.

Feature (18 laps) – Aaron Leffel, Griffin Brown, Hayden Sprague, Chase Brandon, Starla Parsons, Lexi Pohlman, Bennett Lushin, Caleb Rybolt.


Heat, round one (8 laps) – Jared Leffel, Starla Parsons, Brianna O'Bryan, Jonathon Lesiecki, Matt Taylor, Gage Christy.

Heat, round two (8 laps) – O'Bryan, Taylor, Leffel, Lushin, Lesiecki, Parsons, Christy, Ford.

Feature (18 laps) – Bennett Lushin, Jared Leffel, Brianna O'Bryan, Starla Parsons, Jonathon Lesiecki, Matt Taylor, Robert Ford, Tanner Ballard.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Jackson Lee, Daylan Karnes, Chase Burda, Aiden Purdue, Owen Foster, Zack Cullen, Zeb Wise, Zeek Torgesen.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Ayrton Olsen, Caden Hoyt, Evan Foster, J.J. Henes, Clayton Gaines, Addison Lushin, Michael Clancy, Trey Osborne.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – Wise, Lee, Purdue, Cullen, Torgesen, Burda, O. Foster, Karnes.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Hoyt, Osborne, Clancy, E. Foster, Henes, Olsen.

Feature (18 laps) – Ayrton Olsen, Zeb Wise, Caden Hoyt, Evan Foster, Chase Burda, Aiden Purdue, J.J. Henes.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Starla Parsons, Brianna O'Bryan, Jared Leffel, Matt Taylor, Austin Bostater, Gage Christy, Bennett Lushin.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Griffin Brown, Aaron Leffel, Jonathon Lesiecki, Hunter Bostater, Lexi Pohlman, Robert Ford.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – O'Bryan, Lushin, Parsons, J. Leffel, Taylor, A. Bostater, Christy.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Lesiecki, Brown, Pohlman, H. Bostater, A. Leffel, Ford.

Feature (18 laps) – Bennett Lushin, Griffin Brown, Aaron Leffel, Brianna O'Bryan, Matt Taylor, Lexi Pohlman, Jared Leffel, Jonathon Lesiecki, Starla Parsons, Hunter Bostater, Robert Ford, Austin Bostater.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Zeb Wise, Jackson Lee, Zack Cullen, Evan Foster, Tanner Ballard, Caleb Rybolt, Dominic Torok, Griffin Brown, Caden Hoyt, Dylan Williams.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Carson O'Bryan, Ayrton Olsen, Daylan Karnes, Stephen Darling, Zeek Torgesen, Addison Lushin, Trey Osborne, Corey Smith, Richard Johnson, Owen Foster.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – Lee, Wise, Hoyt, E. Foster, Ballard, J. Darling, Torok, Rybolt.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – S. Darling, Olsen, O'Bryan, Smith, O. Foster, Karnes, Johnson, Osborne, Torgesen.

First feature (18 laps) – Zeb Wise, Ayrton Olsen, Caden Hoyt, Carson O'Bryan, Richard Johnson, Evan Foster, Stephen Darling, Jackson Lee, Tanner Ballard, Daylan Karnes.

Second feature (18 laps) – Caleb Rybolt, Trey Osborne, Owen Foster, Zeek Torgesen, Johnathan Darling, Dominic Torok, Zack Cullen, Corey Smith.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Brenden Torok, J.J. Henes, Chase Burda, Garrett Wagoner, Dylan Norris, Jacob Denney, Aiden Purdue.

Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Emerson Axsom, Hunter Young, Townsend Wright, Drew Miles, Brady Hines, Charlie Allen, Cole Christy.

First heat, round two (8 laps) – Torok, Burda, Norris, Denney, Henes, Wagoner.

Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Axsom, Wright, Miles, Allen, Hines, Christy, Young.

Feature (18 laps) – Chase Burda, Brenden Torok, Aiden Purdue, Garrett Wagoner, Charlie Allen, Emerson Axsom, Drew Miles, Townsend Wright, Brady Hines, J.J. Henes, Hunter Young, Cole Christy, Dylan Norris.


Heat, round one (8 laps) – Aiden Young, Blake Greber, Phillip Lowry, Daniel Guarino.

Heat, round two (8 laps) – Young, Greber, Guarino, Lowry.

Feature (18 laps) – Aiden Young, Blake Greber, Daniel Guarino.