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Web letter by David Williams: House GOP repeatedly acts contrary to nation’s interests

Having watched the Republicans in the House over the course of the Obama presidency, I continue to make disturbing observations in their behavior.

The smartest thing they could possibly have done to actually represent the people would have been for the first piece of new legislation introduced be one to outlaw lawmakers from signing any pledge other than a pledge to uphold the Constitution. To think a non-elected Grover Norquist would have so much power in Washington couldn’t have been what our Founding Fathers had intended to happen. Instead, the kooky Michele Bachmann has introduced for the 30-somethingth time a bill to repeal Obamacare. That’s got about as much chance of becoming law as if we were to decide to turn the country over to the Russians.

And speaking of the Communists: The way John Boehner has been running Congress by requiring any new bill to be OK’d by the majority of the majority or it can’t be voted on reminds me of how Communist Russia ran its country during the Cold War years. I think we all know how that turned out: bankruptcy.

Congressional Republicans have been trying to dupe the president into offering specific details on spending cuts every since he was first elected. Even their recent presidential candidate wouldn’t dare mention one specific detail. Of course they know that there will be opposition to any specific cuts. Because they are so spineless they continue to hide behind their insistence that “the president lead,” which simply means the Republicans want the president to spell out details so they can blame it on him and the Democrats later when the people want to take it out on someone.

Given the fact that Republicans took the House back in 2010 by saying they had learned their lesson on spending during the Bush years, I think specifics are long overdue on just what they’re talking about. I have never ever in my lifetime seen such a cowardly foot-dragging Congress as the 112th was.

And lastly, I would like to say that I believe our choices ahead are pretty simple. We are going to do more of the same or we’re going to realize that if we don’t have enough money to take care of our own and the rest of the world, then we need to choose one or the other and pay for it. I vote for taking care of our own at home. I remind you: We were doing a fine job of doing just that with Bill Clinton until we got the wild idea that Republicans could do it better. See how that’s been turning out?