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The Journal Gazette

Monday, January 21, 2013 1:24 pm

IndyCar changes race distances at 4 events

The Associated Press

IndyCar has changed the distances of four races in an effort to discourage fuel-mileage racing.

The announcement made Monday changes the lengths of races at St. Petersburg, Long Beach, Milwaukee and Mid-Ohio.

St. Pete will increase by 10 laps to 110, or 198 total miles. Long Beach is decreasing by five laps to 80, for 157.4 miles. Milwaukee is adding 25 laps to 250, for 250 miles, and Mid-Ohio is increasing five laps to 90 for 203 miles.

IndyCar Series race director Beaux Barfield believes the changes will eliminate the fuel-saving strategy that often begins at the start of the race, and teams will now be able to race hard for the entire distance.