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  • Cheers& jeers
    CHEERS to everyone involved in making the Honor Flight on Oct. 1 a day I will never forget.
  • Cheers& jeers
    CHEERS to everyone involved in making the Honor Flight on Oct. 1 a day I will never forget.
  • Letters
    City needs to think big to attract more visitors If Fort Wayne really wants to attract out-of-town guests and do something great around our rivers, we need to think outside of the

Letters to the editor

Self-interest warps leaders’ vision

I am ashamed of our leaders. It seems they have forgotten why they were chosen to lead this country. They are not interested in the people they are supposed to be leading.

They should be able to serve only two terms, just like the president. And they should have the same Social Security and health care as veterans. After their time in office, they get huge retirement benefits and security for the rest of their – and their family’s – life. This certainly does not match the benefits of veterans’ families. There are so many homeless and unemployed, but they don’t even try to find a way to end it. They are only interested in re-election.

Prevent companies from leaving this country, bring back “Made in America” and put the unemployed back to work. Most of our politicians are rich or get rich in the political field, so how can they know of the poor or homeless?

Our entitlements need modification. For instance:

Welfare: This is necessary, but to have five generations on welfare or have it for a long period is too much.

Unemployment insurance: Again, this is necessary in most cases, but the length should be tied to job-seeking. If there are jobs out there, take them; I don’t care if they pay less than you received.

Farm/oil: There are many more breaks than I am aware of.

Finally, let’s change the law so people cannot use loopholes to avoid paying their true taxes. And there are too many people who don’t have to pay income taxes.

Let’s get back to electing people who represent us instead of themselves.


Spruce up Green – without statue

The Gen. Anthony Wayne statue in its present location is an easily recognizable Fort Wayne landmark. To move it a few hundred feet would be money wasted.

Those who argue that the statue is not easily seen from the street are missing the point entirely. In its present setting, sheltered by earthen berms and overarching branches of trees, it offers an atmosphere of repose and reflection, a quiet grotto. The disconnection from the bustle of the street is deliberate.

I do, however, agree that the Courthouse Green is a little bland and could use some punch. But for anything to happen, the people at the Allen County Courthouse Preservation Trust, who oppose modification to the green, would need to be convinced that the spirit of the historic design can be maintained while respectfully building upon it. History for history’s sake is worthless. The fact that history can be built upon is where the value lies.

If the preservation trust could be swayed from its rigid viewpoint, and the mayor is still bent on spending money, perhaps a competition open to local architects and designers, and even students of each discipline, would render a suitable solution for the Courthouse Green.

An existing landmark could remain. A new landmark could be created. A majority of city residents could benefit from a common accomplishment.


Riverbank replanting goes to waste

In the first weekend of January, I was stunned to see throngs of robins clustering in the red fruited flowering crabtrees along Kreager Park’s soccer field parking lot. By Wednesday, they had doubled or tripled in number. They were stripping shriveled berries and seeds from vines and bushes.

These opportunistic refugees from the storm front that drove them north will find no such buffet along the riverbanks in the Fort Wayne area due to the Army Corps of Engineers’ thorough removal of plants and trees. Despite local groups’ work to naturalize the riverbanks and levees along the Maumee River, seven years’ work was efficiently erased by Corps of Engineers subcontractors who tore out trees, bushes, shrubs, vines, wildflowers and seedy weeds, leaving only a scruffy shag of burnt-looking and limp grass. This mat of dead grasses will offer returning bird populations nothing but an unobstructed view of rivers that offer neither food nor shelter.

Restoring native plants and grasses helps reduce runoff, stabilize soil and reduce pollution. Preventing silty erosion, soil and extra agricultural byproducts from entering our rivers helps improve water quality.

Save the Maumee, now merged with Lake Erie Waterkeepers, saw seven years of restoration work ripped out without notice, despite having a charter to do this work. Answers have not been forthcoming. Shabby treatment for committed, informed volunteers, and bad news for birds