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    ‘Greatest nation’ isshallow in showing itSo often I see what appear at first glance to be demonstrations of my fellow citizens’ pride in America.
  • Drivers inconsiderate of funeral processions
    I want to discuss proper funeral procession etiquette. I was leaving a funeral on Oct. 3, traveling down West Jefferson Boulevard to Covington Road.
  • Sign theft constitutes unneighborly act
    We always thought of Fort Wayne as a town that could pride itself on being neighborly. Being a good neighbor means caring about others.


Treat guns, owners as we do cars, drivers

Most of us agree that keeping guns out of the hands of those unfit to manage them makes sense, that our ability to identify these people isn’t very good (we can and will do better) and that the number of legal and illegal guns circulating in our society is huge.

None of any of the solution packages proposed will keep massacres with guns from happening, but I think one way of lessening their frequency is the following. Let’s treat guns like we do our vehicles.

1. If you want to legally be able to use a gun, after being cleared by a background check, you must be licensed. You pass an exam showing you know basic gun safety. The state requires education and licensing for hunters, so we wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. This license would need to be renewed periodically, and our license branches, with Department of Natural Resources help, might be the logical choice as to where this could be done.

2. If you own a gun, it must be licensed annually. Certificates of ownership would record and accompany all sales, including personal sales of guns, thus helping to track guns and lessening their illegal availability.

3. To own and use a gun in Indiana, liability insurance would be required.

No system would be perfect, but our license bureaus, licensing laws and insurance companies work pretty well on the whole when it comes to transportation. The vast majority of us understand the need for regulations and appreciate the relative safety they provide us. Let’s do the same for guns.


Pigeon River campsite worth keeping open

The Pigeon River fish and wildlife campground is being slated for closure March 1 because of lack of use. I am trying to keep it open during the busy season from September through December. If you are utilizing this campground at this time of year, feel free to contact me at and sign a petition to keep it open or call James Kershaw (manager of fish and wildlife) at 317-233-0647 and voice your opinion. I have sent him several alternatives to raise revenue to keep the campgrounds open.


War debt preceded any Obama additions

I wonder about Bruce Cynar’s letter, “Obama cynically exploits children” (Jan. 24).

He notes President Obama using little children as “props” for his gun recommendation news conference. He goes on to say: “I wonder if Obama took the time to explain to those four children why he is burdening them with unpayable debt.”

I wonder why George W. Bush lied to us and the world to plunge us into two wars that were not paid for – on a promise that every penny spent would be paid for by Iraq oil. To date, not one cent of oil has gone to pay for those wars. His lies stuck us taxpayers with the bill. Where was Cynar’s voice then?

For God’s sake, these are our children in our own country being murdered. If we can’t protect our children, we may as well fold our tent, because we are done as a country and the human race.

I just wish I would have seen Cynar stand up when Bush and the right saddled us with all that war debt.

JERRY J. SMITH Leo-Cedarville