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Last updated: February 12, 2013 9:03 p.m.

Now it's down by 2

Justin A. Cohn
The Journal Gazette

CINCINNATI -- Well, it's a good thing Marco Cousineau, the Komets' goaltender, brought his 'A' game.

Had he not, it would be like 8-0 right now.

Instead, the Cincinnati Cyclones lead the Komets 2-0 after two periods at U.S. Bank Arena.

The Komets have been outshot 25-8 -- it was 15-3 at one point -- and their only truly good scoring chances came from Matt Firman and Thomas Beauregard.

Honestly, I would be benching people right now. And calling up players from Pensacola.

This must be so frustrating for injured captain Colin Chaulk to have to watch this.