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  • North Clinton Scott’s in need of upgrade
    Since John Hubertz started the discussion of the “deplorable” situation at Kroger’s Southgate Plaza store (July 21), I would invite him and the Kroger’s managers to visit Scott’s on North Clinton Street.
  • Family paper must stand for biblical values
    Oh. Good. Grief. Gay/lesbian “marriages” are not even legal in Indiana and should not be legal in the entire United States of America.
  • It’s our responsibility to aid children in need
    In a July 21 letter, the writer was concerned that expansion of the Fort Wayne Community Schools’ free meal program will foster dependence and irresponsibility in the children and families who will benefit.


When will lawmakers get message on education?

After reading a letter concerning our legislature and what they are doing to education, specifically in regard to charter schools (“Paper’s anti-voucher bias shows in reporting,” Feb. 3), I felt a need to respond.

The writer claimed the people of Indiana overwhelmingly confirmed their support for charter schools by electing the current legislature. The actual popular vote clearly demonstrated the voters’ opposition of the current educational reforms, including charter schools, by electing Glenda Ritz.

If the last election said anything about education reform in Indiana, it said the people are not happy with what our officials are doing. And who can blame them? When you look at the overall results of charters, they are underwhelming.

When I look at what our legislature has been doing, I am amazed they don’t see their mistake. Top-down micromanagement is the least effective type of management that dooms any company or organization to a stifling of creativity, growth and improvement. Our legislature needs to get out of education and let teachers teach. Just let us teach.


Sunday-sales opposition rooted in self-interest

Once again, the state of Indiana is debating whether or not to join the 21st century when it comes to Sunday carryout liquor sales. A few years ago, the state made the bold move to daylight saving time, and with it came predictions of dire consequences, all of which failed to materialize.

Now, according to a Feb. 10 letter from Gary Gardner of Belmont Beverage, allowing Sunday sales of alcohol will bring with it similar disasters. He claims liquor stores will close and employees will lose jobs. He says this effort is backed by large stores, but Indiana doesn’t currently allow Sunday liquor sales because of his powerful liquor store lobby, not a few citizens with signs and a petition. The other 49 states didn’t collapse when allowing Sunday sales, so why are we always so afraid of change?

Gardner says he’s just looking out for us when, I think it’s apparent, he is only looking out for his wallet.


I-PASS gift comes with hidden cost

We received an I-PASS many years ago as a gift from family in Chicago. I like Wisconsin, and the route has finally cleared up and is nice to drive. The I-PASS turned out to be a nice gift.

Since July 2012 we have received bills, twice, for up to $700. Once in northern Wisconsin, I was pulled over and told my license plate had been not registered because of tickets outstanding. It was the I-PASS tickets my wife unknowingly had been accumulating traveling back and forth to see her mother.

I was thinking our identity had been stolen. Come to find out, because our license plate changed the last couple of years in Indiana, Illinois billed me, alerted other states that I was not paying tickets and billed me for tickets not paid. Twice, collection agencies called.

If you have an I-PASS for the toll road, make sure they know when your plates change, etc.