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  • In this photo released by the official website of the Iranian supreme leader's office, Iranian well wishers attending the speech of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hold up his picture at a mosque inside the leader's housing compound in Tehran, Iran, Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013. Khamenei said Saturday that his country is not seeking nuclear weapons, but that no world power could stop Tehran's access to an atomic bomb if it intended to build one. (AP Photo/Office of the Supreme Leader)

Friday, February 22, 2013 4:51 am

Iran: UN report proof of peaceful nuclear program

The Associated Press

Iran is citing the latest report by U.N.'s nuclear watchdog as evidence of the allegedly peaceful nature of the country's atomic program.

State TV on Friday quoted Ali Asghar Solatanieh, the country's envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency, as saying that the Vienna-based watchdog's report from the day before "confirms" Iran's nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes.

Solatanieh says Iran is committed to continuing talks with the IAEA and stresses that these talks require a "calm, propaganda-free atmosphere."

The IAEA's report on Thursday said Tehran has recently installed advanced machines at its main uranium enrichment site in Natanz - a major and significant upgrade of a program that can be used to make atomic weapons.

Iran rejects the West's suspicion that its nuclear program is intended for atomic weapons.