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Last updated: February 26, 2013 11:13 p.m.

Oh, the pain

Ben Smith
The Journal Gazette

Associated PressCAT

Call it one of those nights when the Agony of Defeat needed picture-in-picture TV to keep up with the action.

I mean, what was worse than watching Dwight Howard build a machine shop at the free throw line (14 attempts, 11 clanks) as the Lakers got prospected 119-108 by the Nuggets?

Unless, that is, it was watching Iowa State blow a five-point lead against No. 6 Kansas with 44 seconds left, not get a call on what seemed an obvious charge at the end of regulation, and then get in-your-faced by Elijah Johnson's needless dunk with two seconds left in a 108-96 Kansas win?

The envelope, please ...