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Wednesday, February 27, 2013 5:36 pm

Amount of cash, securities held by Apple each year

By The Associated Press

During Apple's annual shareholders meeting, CEO Tim Cook said the board and management are in "very, very active discussions" on what to do with Apple's cash. Wall Street is clamoring for Apple to share more of its cash, which amounted to $137 billion at the end of last year and is still growing fast because of the company's massive profits. Here's the amount of cash and securities held by Apple at the end of each fiscal year, which runs through late September:

2005: $8.3 billion.

2006: $10.1 billion.

2007: $15.4 billion.

2008: $24.5 billion.

2009: $34.0 billion.

2010: $51.0 billion.

2011: $81.8 billion.

2012: $121.3 billion.

Source: Apple annual reports