Political Notebook


Will experience pay off?

On Sunday, Allen County Democratic Party Chairman John Court announced that attorney and former Fort Wayne City Councilman Tim Pape had been appointed to fill the party's seat on the three-member, bipartisan Allen County Election Board.

Not only will Pape be replacing his law partner, Andrew Boxberger, on the board, but he is, shall we say, intimately familiar with the board’s workings.

In the words of Republican Party Chairman Steve Shine: “From my review of the Election Board records, it appears that the Democrat’s new appointee was fined $327 in 2011 for failing to file his report on a timely basis, and $25 in 2012 for the same violation,” Shine wrote in an email. “I hope Tim will vow to NOT lead by example.”

Shine didn’t get his vow, but he did get a chagrined response: “Yes, I filed late reports twice,” Pape responded. “I was embarrassed by it then and am now, and regret the attention my oversight required of the Election Board.”