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High Schools

  • Canterbury wins baseball slugfest
    Aaron Scott went 3 for 3 with two doubles and a triple as the Canterbury baseball team held on to defeat Churubusco 10-8 Saturday.The Cavaliers (2-1) four runs in the second, five in the fifth and one in the sixth.
  • North Side edges Carroll on road
    North Side beat Carroll 4-2 on the road in baseball Friday.The Redskins scored two runs in the first inning, one in the fifth and one in the seventh. Keegan Carroll picked up the win, despite allowing 10 hits.
  • Back playing softball
    On a sunny April evening at Canterbury’s softball field, Allie Brumbaugh swung and missed on two straight balls batting left-handed and looked down at the third-base coaching area in frustration.

Area leaders



Name, schoolGms.Ttl.Avg.
Blackmon Jr., Bishop Luers2376733.3
VanHorn, Canterbury1851628.7
Jenkins, Fremont1643427.1
Bry. Scott, Northrop2456423.5
Beachem, New Haven1737622.1
Ju. Mitchell, Wayne1939420.7
VanMeter, Norwell1735120.6
Bre. Scott, Northrop2343619.0
Combs, Adams Central1933817.8
Mann, Lakewood Park1831917.7
McCall, Concordia2746717.3
White, Carroll1424017.1
Reed, Huntington North2339217.0
Hinen, Columbia City1728716.9
Waters, Leo1931416.5
Benedict, Columbia City1727015.9
Gleason, South Side1523715.8
Crosby, Lakewood Park2030915.5
Gamble, Homestead2437314.9
Swanigan, Homestead2435514.8
Luginbill, Adams Central1522014.7
Rote, Hamilton2029214.6
Richards, North Side1826114.5
C. Denney, Norwell1724414.4
McCoy, Garrett1724214.2
Hardin, Leo1825414.1
Busche, Leo1825514.2
A. Clark, Wawasee1926513.9
L. Williams, Snider1620913.1
Je. Mitchell, Wayne1925013.2
Gerig, Woodlan2025712.9
Starks, Concordia2734612.8
V. Blackmon, Bishop Luers2328812.5

Name, schoolGms.Ttl.Avg.
Swanigan, Homestead2427711.5
Jenkins, Fremont161509.4
C. Denney, Norwell171518.9
Busche, Leo181588.8
Martin, Garrett171458.5
Rote, Hamilton201678.4
Ju. Mitchell, Wayne191568.2
McElvene, New Haven151208.0
Richards, North Side181258.0
Mann, Lakewood Park181437.9
Blackmon Jr., Luers231827.9
Davidson, Lakewood Park201567.8
Bennett, Woodlan201547.7
VanHorn, Canterbury181337.4
Combs, Adams Central191387.4
Gleason, South Side151097.3
Prinsen, Lakeland Christian171166.8
Bry. Scott, Northrop241616.7
D. Williams, Snider161076.7
Paul, Columbia City171126.6
Starks, Concordia271786.6
Hogue, New Haven171116.5
White, Carroll14886.3
Baumer, Adams Central191176.2

Name, schoolGms.Ttl.Avg.
Gamble, Homestead241596.4
Crews, North Side181166.4
L. Williams, Snider161016.3
Claypool, Northrop241345.6
Gerke, Lakewood Park201055.3
Stevenson, New Haven17895.2
Prible, Bluffton12625.2
Hinen, Columbia City17824.8
Rogers, Concordia271244.6
Ju. Mitchell, Wayne19874.6
McGettigan, Woodlan19864.5
Jenkins, Fremont16724.5
Knapke, Heritage20874.4
Gross, Concordia271164.3
Moyle, Canterbury18754.2
Jones, South Side20794.0
Crosby, Lakewood Park20783.9
Bry. Scott, Northrop24843.5
VanMeter, Norwell17593.5
Combs, Adams Central19643.4
Byerly, Adams Central19613.3
C. Denney, Norwell17563.3
Marshall, Garrett17573.3
Corcimiglia, Fremont21703.3

Name, schoolGms.Ttl.Avg.
Crosby, Lakewood Park20713.6
Jenkins, Fremont16553.4
Stevenson, New Haven17563.3
C. Denney, Norwell17533.1
Kelley, Hamilton20623.1
Bry. Scott, Northrop24723.0
Knapke, Heritage20572.9
Lambert, Bluffton12342.8
Luginbill, Adams Central15372.5
Hinen, Columbia City17422.5
Ju. Mitchell, Wayne19472.5
Corcimiglia, Fremont20492.5
White, Carroll14342.4
McGee, North Side18422.4
Rogers, Concordia26612.4
Bre. Scott, Northrop23532.3
Gamble, Homestead24582.3
Beachem, New Haven17392.3
Fields, Leo20462.3
VanMeter, Norwell17372.2
Je. Mitchell, Wayne19422.2
Schumucker, Fremont20442.2
Claypool, Northrop24492.0
McCall, Concordia26532.0
Woll, Columbia City17342.0
Jones, South Side20422.0



Name, schoolGms.Ttl.Avg.
Ki. Knafel, Wawasee1947525.0
Sy. Buck, Homestead2249222.4
Maggard, Canterbury2855319.7
Farley, Canterbury2242719.4
Fincher, Canterbury2853419.0
T. Seiss, Leo2138118.1
Dawson, Garrett2238017.3
Grimm, Lakewood Park1627517.2
Martin, DeKalb1830517.0
R. Rinehart, Angola2338016.5
Smith, Concordia2236416.5
Peterson, West Noble2439116.3
Shipman, Snider2336916.0
Swary, Northrop2234915.9
Richardson, West Noble2435815.0
Gary, Leo2131314.9
Christman, Dwenger1521814.5
Walker-Crawford, Warsaw2636814.2
Grubb, Angola2332514.1
D. Wimby, Snider2332514.1
Chalfant, Blackhawk1013913.9
Simmons, South Side2433113.8
Fisher, Homestead2228312.9
Gibson, Dwenger1518712.5
Sutorius, Bishop Luers2531212.5
Peterson, Carroll2227312.4
Grose, Warsaw2630711.8
White, Fremont2125412.1

Name, schoolGms.Ttl.Avg.
Gary, Leo2125312.0
Chalfant, Blackhawk1011311.3
Fincher, Canterbury2830210.8
Martin, DeKalb1819010.6
Grimm, Lakewood Park1616710.4
Grose, Warsaw262519.7
Dawson, Garrett222099.5
White, Fremont211939.2
Swary, Northrop221928.7
Fiechter, Adams Central141158.2
Gibson, Dwenger151208.0
Richardson, West Noble241928.0
A. Reimbold, Luers171297.6
Seabeck, Blackhawk 211537.3
Smith, Concordia221607.3
Sichling, Fremont201427.1
H. Henry, Blackhawk211477.0
German, Homestead221537.0

Name, schoolGms.Ttl.Avg.
Fisher, Homestead221737.9
A. Butler, Luers251485.9
Beckman, Heritage201075.4
R. Rinehart, Angola231124.9
Jenkins, Dwenger15714.7
C. Craig, Whitko21994.7
N. Mafera, Lakewood Park16724.5
Wilson, Norwell241084.5
Hostetler, Woodlan19774.1
Poynter, Carroll22894.0
Peterson, West Noble24964.0
Wisel, Garrett22833.8
Beer, Leo21723.4
Sherburne, Fremont21693.3
D. Wimby, Snider23773.3
Rostochak, Wawasee19613.2
Seabeck, Blackhawk21673.2

Name, schoolGms.Ttl.Avg.
D, Wimby, Snider231084.7
Peterson, West Noble241114.6
R. Rinehart, Angola231044.5
Fisher, Homestead22984.5
R. Faur, Lakewood Park16724.5
Shipman, Snider23944.1
Wilson, Norwell24954.0
Knafel, Wawasee19753.9
Grimm, Lakewood Park16593.7
Bradtmuller, Heritage23773.3
C. Craig, Whtko21703.3
N. Mafera, Lakewood Park16513.2
Young, Concordia22693.1
Gary, Leo21633.0
A. Butler, Luers25753.0