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Oil company excuses insult our intelligence

If gas prices higher than $4 are not bad enough, what follows makes it all the more painful. What comes next is the inevitable, lame, insulting-my-intelligence excuse from the oil industry as to why the price went up. According to our friends in the oil business, there is always a refinery off line, a pipeline that is damaged, a hurricane threatening oil rigs or some other catastrophe that makes a gas pump increase necessary.

Explain to me why an oil surplus will take months to be reflected at the pump, but one of their out-of-our-control incidents takes place and 30 minutes later, I’m paying 50 cents more a gallon. I don’t want to hear their excuses any more than I want to hear why a serial killer murdered his victims. In both cases the answer won’t make sense or make me feel better about their actions.

Oil companies know we are hopeless addicts who are hooked on their product and will pay whatever they ask. So, by all means, help yourself to my wallet, pass the needle and God help us all.


Attracting the right birds takes research, effort

Eight years ago, when my husband and I moved to the Spencerville-Leo country area, I decided to put out a birdhouse. Soon our birdhouse was occupied by a pair of bluebirds and five blue eggs. I thought how easy and why was attracting bluebirds thought to be such a hard task? Unfortunately, I discovered the answer. The main problems for bluebirds are house sparrows.

House sparrows are extremely destructive to American species of birds. House sparrows make a point of taking over nesting sites. Sparrows often and viciously take over nesting boxes inhabited by our American species. They trap adult birds in their nesting boxes and kill adult birds by pecking the skulls. Sadly, sparrows most notoriously attack the baby birds also. Sadly, in one summer I have lost as many as 11 bluebirds, mostly attributable to the sparrow and another non-native American bird, the starling.

If you are thinking about feeding birds or housing birds in your backyard, please be aware of what types of birds you bring into your area. Monitor your nesting boxes often to make sure you are attracting the birds you desire.

Now I feel like I’m starting over attracting bluebirds, but they are well worth the effort. As for my personal opinion toward house sparrows, they are nothing but trouble.

LAURA McCANN Spencerville

Choice by mother still problematic for Stutzman

I do not believe for a minute the drama that Marvin Stutzman claims in his mother’s decision not to have an abortion. Stutzman’s telling of this story is simply political in motive. Certainly, many unmarried pregnant teenagers have thought about the possibility of an abortion even before the Supreme Court upheld their constitutional right to have one. That does not mean that terminating their pregnancy was almost their choice.

However, there was an earlier choice that Stutzman’s mother had. That was to have unprotected casual sex or abstinence – abstinence being what Stutzman would say is the right choice. So if Stutzman is so grateful that his mother chose not to have an abortion, then he must be just as grateful that she did not choose abstinence. But he knows how other conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh would describe the character of a women of such promiscuity.