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Last updated: July 3, 2013 11:34 a.m.

A few thoughts before I'm out

Ben Smith
The Journal Gazette

At somewhere around 11:46 this evening, the Blob will be vacating the premises for its annual summer sabbatical.

("So go already! See if we care!" you're saying).

OK, I will. But first a few thoughts ...

* Jonathan Papelbon is a peawit.

The Phillies closer said it was "ridiculous" that the Dodgers' Yasiel Puig, the 22-year-old Cuban who's been utterly Roy Hobbs-like since coming to the big club a month ago, should even be considered for the All-Star game. I say Papelbon misses the point by a nautical mile.

Everyone knows the All-Star game isn't about who's worthy, it's about who the fans want to see play. And Puig, who's batting .443 with eight home runs and 17 RBI through 27 games, is who everyone wants to see right now. So what's the problem?

Except, you know, for dunderheads who don't get it.

* Can anyone tell me why Urban Meyer is so hugely respected?

Not only did the guy, while at Florida, run the loosest ship this side of the Mean Machine of "The Longest Yard" fame, now it's being reported that Meyer ratted out his old school (and one of his former assistants) to the NCAA, which at the very least is unprecedented bad form and at the worst is just incredibly sleazy. And to make matters worse, Meyer's complaint was not over anything particularly substantial.

Apparently the allegation is that said assistant committed a "bump" violation during the recruiting of Brooklyn running back Curtis Samuel --who, surprise, surprise, has since dropped Florida from his list of perspective schools, even though he was highly complimentary of the Gators back in April.

And who's now high up on his list?

Another surprise, surprise: Ohio State, where Urban Meyer works now.

The man has no shame.

* A very silly question about the former Northeast Hoosier Conference, known for the time being as the As Yet Un-Named Conference:

Why is it the former Northeast Hoosier Conference?

Seems to me the logical course would be to continue calling it the Northeast Hoosier Conference, seeing how its new makeup isn't terribly different from its old one. Coming up with something new for the As Yet Un-Named Conference (frankly, I kind of like the sound of that, or maybe the Now With Leo And Huntington North Conference) seems like overthinking things to me.

But, then, I tend to think any thinking at all is overthinking things. So there's that.

And with that, I am out for a couple of weeks. Behave, and try to pick up after yourselves. I don't want to come back and find trash all over the Blob.