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Letters to the editor


Whistleblowing was courageous, moral act

For the U.S. to be the moral beacon it imagines itself to be, it must not destroy whistleblowers.

Via Wikileaks, Bradley Manning exposed an April 10, 2010 classified video from a U.S. Apache helicopter shooting dead 11 innocent people walking down the street in New Baghdad; two of them were carrying what looked like weapons. The two were Reuters photographers carrying telephoto cameras.

Cruel, laughing voices of the soldiers in the helicopter begged for permission to kill, becoming more impatient as a van arrived to pick up a crawling wounded man. Permission received, the van was blasted. Two children were inside. See it on the Internet by searching for “collateral damage video.”

Manning also released a huge number of military files and diplomatic cables; probably too much information but, in my opinion, he meant well. There are moral people who cannot bear to ignore injustice. Sometimes they are not smart or experienced or even sane enough to think it all the way through. Manning badly needed a friend in the military to give him logical, compassionate advice, but he had been bullied and ridiculed since joining for being short and homosexual.

Our military and government often act imperiously and secretly and then trample the brave little guy who points out murder.

Manning is on trial now. Please take his ostracism and the crimes he uncovered into consideration. Please research this story and take action to help make our USA the land of the free and the home of the brave again.


Common Core inhibits an all-around education

Schooling’s purpose, they say, is to make students “college- and career-ready.” Where did that phrase came from? The Indiana legislature didn’t coin it, nor its state superintendents nor the state Department of Education. It came from Achieve, Inc.

And what is Achieve? Started by an IBM CEO, it’s an amalgam of a few governors and corporate CEOs, including AT&T, Intel and Prudential. No educator of any sort sits on its board of directors. Do you wonder then why educational purpose has been narrowed to the sole objective of creating workers?

Time was, when “educated” meant more than the handful of skills repeated ad nauseam in Achieve’s brainchild, the Common Core State Standards. Intellectual development was understood to be deeper, far more expansive than the CCSS’s “problem-solving” and “critical thinking.” Nor was “knowledge” conflated with “skill.”

Time was, when education professionals (teachers and scholars) and the citizenry determined the educational upbringing of youth. But they were the last to be told what is intended for their young people, and now they are the objects of a vigorous public relations campaign “to ensure seamless and effective implementation of the CCSS” (

The CCSS and Achieve should be scrapped. I’m writing Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz. So should you. Our schools should serve our children, not corporations.

BONNIE F. FISHER Bloomington

Volunteer was wrong to carry a weapon

I am 74 years of age. In my early 20s, I was involved with volunteering. As we were in the public eye as a volunteer, we were not permitted to carry weapons of any sort. The only exception was as a volunteer with the Allen County Police department.

Before we were allowed to carry a weapon, there was extensive training with weapons. I know of no volunteer allowed to carry weapons, not even the Guardian Angels.

What was this volunteer (George Zimmerman) doing carrying a concealed weapon, and why was he following his victim? All volunteers in the public domain want to know, why did this volunteer carry a weapon?

In my case as a volunteer in the public, there were always duly appointed police officers available.

Again, why was this volunteer stalking his victim, who is now dead at his hands?


IPFW should lead on social-justice issue

I think that Ron Shawgo’s piece, “Health law menaces student jobs (July 8),” is missing a couple of very important points.

According to Indeed One Search, an online wage summary, the average pay for a PC support tech is $40,000 as of July 8.

It appears that IPFW not only is acquiring top-notch talent to do its IT work at rock-bottom prices already, it is grumbling about having to provide health care too.

With the massive number of building projects that have taken place on campus in the last few decades, you would think some of that money could be used to provide livable wages and benefits for the people providing excellent service.

I am sure that the the administration would not be willing to take a cut in pay and a loss of the very generous benefit packages they receive to help make ends meet at the university. Why then should working students, who can only be described as cheap highly skilled labor, have to suffer?

Every working person in the U.S. deserves to not worry about getting sick or injured and not being able to afford care. Even if they work for a nonprofit college that is supposed to be a beacon of knowledge and understanding, it should be available for them. The IPFW campus should be at the forefront on a social issue such as this, not whining and complaining because it has been mandated to comply.

TERRY D. LEIS Fort Wayne

IPFW, media learning Obamacare’s true costs

A July 8 headline reads: “Health law menaces student jobs.” The article explains how full-time IPFW computer programmer/students will, because of Obamacare, soon lose their full-time pay status, revert to part time and be required to obtain health insurance on their own – if they can afford it.

This is one of many newspapers that in 2010 proclaimed the great benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Have some of the vast problems with this 2,700-page law with 20,000+ regulations hit home at this and other left-leaning media outlets?

President Barack Obama was adamant there would be no changes in this law. Yet he has signed at least seven bills – passed by the Republican House and approved by the Democratic Senate – that repeal or defund some provisions of this train wreck nearing the end of the track. The administration has also violated federal laws by providing hundreds of exceptions from Obamacare to unions and other favored groups. Big businesses love this law. It has permitted them to cut millions of people from full-time to part-time jobs – with few or no benefits.

We are now well aware that Obamacare is driving up costs, pushing people out of coverage they like, reducing wages, making it impossible for small businesses to hire people and giving the Internal Revenue Service, carte blanche, vast new powers.

Before this out-of-control train crashes, destroying the world’s finest medical care field and driving our economy into a full depression, all freedom loving media outlets should proclaim in their headlines: “Repeal Obamacare.”


Water park lacking among city attractions

I’ve lived in Fort Wayne for 66 years and always loved our city. We seem to be up to date on a lot of things. But, I have wondered why we have to travel here and there to enjoy great water parks.

There are nice ones in Marion, Merrillville, Indianapolis and so on. I remember years ago we had one; I’m not sure why it closed.

We build hotel after hotel and more and more tourist attractions – why not a great water park? This is not some small town in the country; it’s the second-largest city in Indiana. Where can we get an answer to this?


Immigration discussion is incomplete

Immigration reform: I don’t get it. Who is framing the message?

Are we to believe that only hard-working people who want to support their families and love America are crossing the borders illegally? It is well documented that many nationalities are coming across.

Whom will we blame for the next terrorist attack?