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Sour grapes motivates impeachment talk

We read at least three papers and watch way too much political commentary every day. Yet we have not read or heard of the “executive and bureaucratic regulation and leftist legislation” being enforced by security forces and “union thugs” (“Impeach Obama to halt nanny/police state,” Aug. 9).

What or who constitutes a union thug? We read every day of security forces harassing old women and children trying to fly the friendly skies of America and busting legal marijuana growers in states with humane pot laws. But where are the union thugs? What is a union thug as apposed to a non-union thug? Is he paid more or have better hours? Does he have a retirement plan? Is he worried that his thuggery will be sent offshore to those Chinese thugs? We worry.

Obamites (Is that a new organism?) treat traditional beliefs like “social constructs,” the letter writer states. Some years ago, tradition told us we could own another human being, women were unable to own property or vote, and children could be worked to death in factories. Want to go back?

We overwhelmingly voted to re-elect Barack Obama because he is fundamentally a good man with the health and well-being of the American people as his main goal. The House, in its infinite wisdom, has chosen to block everything he proposes. Everything!

And just what would you impeach our president for?


Reasoned debate essential to human understanding

I wish to comment upon the Aug. 12 letter concerning the creationism/evolution debate in which the author opined that we should limit our attention to more pressing issues for which there are solutions as opposed to those for which there are not.

The debate is too important to dismiss. It only becomes counterproductive when the entrenched from either side ignore what it is that makes us human: the capacity for both reason and faith. Each provides answers to human needs. Only ongoing discussion can foster the understanding and tolerance necessary to perpetuate successful coexistence of science and religion in our society.

A world without room for both would be a lesser place.


Money trail reveals school reform’s intent

While the media and the public attempt to connect the many dots in the Tony Bennett school reform scandal, here is one more connection of which some may be unaware: Bennett’s wife, Tina, since early 2013 has been working for Charter Schools USA, the for-profit company that Bennett picked to take over the so-called F schools in the Indianapolis Public Schools system.

As is by now widely known, Christel House, a charter school founded by Christel DeHaan, Tony Bennett’s $130,000 donor, was given a revised grade to reflect an A that it hadn’t earned under Bennett’s grading formula. Yet Howe and Arlington high schools, part of the IPS system, were denied the same exemption for combined schools that was given to Christel House. Had they been, these two public schools would have received passing grades. But Bennett denied Howe and Arlington, and they were then taken over by the for-profit Charter Schools USA, Tina Bennett’s current employer.

To say that change in education under Tony Bennett, Mitch Daniels and Mike Pence is for the good of Indiana’s students has by now been clearly exposed as a lie.

Want to know what’s really driving school reform in Indiana? Follow the money.