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Weekly scorecard


Cummins: Columbus-based engine maker announces a deal with Nissan that will bring about 500 jobs to a historic engine plant in the city’s downtown.

Antoinette Tuff: Bookkeeper is hailed as a hero after she patiently talks Michael Brandon Hill into surrendering at a Georgia school he entered with an AK-47.

Markus Burden: Ball State freshman from Illinois, randomly selected during a Welcome Week rally, sinks a half-court shot at Worthen Arena to win a semester’s worth of tuition, valued at $11,084.

Indiana State Fair: The 17-day fair broke records with 978,000 people attending this year, 4,000 more than the previous record in 2009.

ShinDigz: National Soccer Festival, now in its 14th year, concludes tonight with a showdown between 2012 men’s national champion Indiana and the 2011 champion, North Carolina.


Omnibus Lecture: Budget cuts trim IPFW’s popular series from six speakers to three, but lineup of Bill Nye, the Science Guy; best-selling author Jeannette Walls; and Gallup CEO Jim Clifton is impressive.


Ted Cruz: Texas senator and tea party favorite renounces his Canadian citizenship, but his switch plays like a political stunt, given that dual citizens are eligible to become president.

Kenny Williams: Former Pacer sentenced to nine months in prison and ordered to pay more than $660,000 in child support. While he played pro ball and drove luxury cars, his former wife and three children were on welfare.

Vicki Marble: Colorado state senator stuns colleagues during a poverty reduction task force meeting by suggesting health problems in the black community are linked to diet, noting “I’ve never had better BBQ and better chicken and ate better in my life than when you go down south and you – I love it.”


Elmore Leonard: Best-selling crime novelist was known as the “Dickens of Detroit.” He died Tuesday at 87.

Marian McPartland: British jazz pianist was host of NPR’s mellow “Piano Jazz,” which she started in 1979. She stepped down in 2011 and died Tuesday at 95.

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