Political Notebook


Voting system upgraded

The Indiana House and Senate are getting an upgraded voting system this summer.

The small tablet-like screens have been added to every seat in the Senate, and will also be added to House seats.

At $249 each, that's about $37,000 worth of new equipment plus installation.

Lindsay Jancek, communications director for Senate Republicans, said the Legislative Services Agency paid for the upgrades out of its budget

It's part of an overall push to an integrated, online system in which the House and Senate could someday go paperless. A few committees are already operating exclusively on iPads.

The new video screen at each desk will show the bill number of what is being considered with a small synopsis, as well as let lawmakers know what's next on the schedule. Lawmakers can cast their vote via the touch screen.

Lawmakers previously had an old manual system with red and green buttons that was known to break down.

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