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Joe Heller | Heller Syndication

Letters to the editor: The shutdown

Bipartisan compromise remains our only hope

On Monday night we witnessed an appalling display of American politics. No, not the House, but the Senate. The House sent several bills to the Senate. However, they were blocked by one man. That man is Sen. Harry Reid.

Reid and President Barack Obama have not budged one bit on their demands for a budget. They expect to get only what they demand. Nothing else! No discussion and no debate. This is only a one-sided conversation. How can negotiations to resolve this problem come about? This action by the Senate was very obvious, and was mentioned on several news programs. Not only was this action wrong, but he had the gall to blame the stalemate on the House.

These complaints were mentioned to a commentator on CNN, and she said all this will be blamed on the GOP. The information was repeated, and again, she stated this was going to be blamed on the GOP.

I confess that I did not watch MSNBC much, but they are almost gleeful that this may kill the GOP. They should hope not.

The statement that “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” is very true. A look at history is very clear. No dictator got in by a multi-party government. Look at any dictator in history, and you will find this to be true.

I would add that any politician who votes only to the party lines is not watching out for Americans’ interest. They are only interested in the power of their own position and in being re-elected.

It is up to all Americans to demand cooperation by pushing their senators into a proper response to the bill presented, into work for debates and into voting on those issues that affect all Americans.


Tea party refighting battle it already lost

Here we go again … Didn’t we just have this fight two years ago? Our government is again being held hostage by a few malcontents who must have a tea party tantrum every few months. I’ve been on this earth quite a few years and never have I seen such a lack of civility; the obstruction of the few that affects the lives and welfare of the many. It seems stupidity and the lack of good sense have conquered the ability to even sit down together.

Many of us of a certain age remember when members of both parties worked together for the welfare of the many; when money didn’t pour into the coffers of the politicians who will work for the good of the Koch brothers, et. al. (By the way, the Supreme Court justices who voted for the Citizens United ruling should be impeached for malfeasance. Justice Clarence Thomas, whose wife works for tea party organizations, should have recused himself.)

Listening to the bombastic, bloviating and hysterical rants of Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul should scare every one of us who cares about our country and its citizens.

Let us not forget our own Rep. Marlin Stutzman, who proudly pushed through an amendment that denies food stamps to families in need, nor our governor. Two years ago, when the government was facing a similar situation, he uttered these (in)famous words: “I say, shut it down” to a tea party crowd. Many of us remember those words and will remember again at the ballot box when Mike Pence runs again for governor – or president.

Let the Congress get back to work or take away their salaries (and their office).


Is it time to revisit the tactics of 1814?

As a returning Hoosier after a 42-year absence, the last seven years having been spent in the United Kingdom, would it not be in order to ask the British to come and burn Washington, D.C., again?


Stutzmanís votes donít reflect Hoosier values

I am completely appalled that all the political wrangling has come to a government shutdown. Even as government workers are being furloughed, my tax dollars are still paying Rep. Marlin Stutzman’s salary.

In a few days, the effects of the decision he and his colleagues have made will begin to be felt right here in Indiana. There will be serious economic setbacks for those who work for the government, and those effects will have a negative ripple effect on the local economy.

One of my chief concerns is that the USDA Women, Infants and Children program will be stopped. The WIC program has supported my family and now supports my grandson as a WIC infant. The stoppage of WIC literally takes food out of Jaxsen’s mouth.

The government shutdown caused by Stutzman and his colleagues certainly does not reflect the Hoosier values that northeast Indiana stands for. I am truly disappointed in Stutzman. I sincerely hope that he and his colleagues will turn back from this disastrous course of action and will think of the people who sent them to Washington D.C., who trusted them to bring Hoosier common sense to Congress and to work hard for us. I am counting on him to stand up, show his Hoosier common sense and compromise to reopen the government and, in a few weeks, to raise the debt ceiling to keep the government paying its bills.


Clinton just given a leg up on 2016

Now that the tea pots have succeeded in shutting down our government, let’s all bow our heads in a moment of silence and thank them for ensuring Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidency in 2016, along with “first man” Bill.