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Tuesday, October 08, 2013 3:02 am

Quotations of the day

By The Associated Press

"The moment of truth is going to come in the middle of November, when people want to see the real deal. If they don't have this running smoothly by then, it's going to be a bigger problem than we're seeing today." - Michael Leavitt, former President George W. Bush's top health official, on the glitch-ridden rollout of President Barack Obama's health care law.


"I wasn't thinking too straight. I didn't have anything elegant to say. All I could say was `Oh, my God,' and that was that." - Randy Schekman, of the University of California, Berkeley, after he was one of three researchers to win the Nobel Prize in medicine for their work on cells.


"Sometimes you have a feeling that the water is weird. But everyone was just so happy. I was lying on my board, paddling around just waiting for a wave set." - Surfer Jay Scrivner, a 45-year-old college English teacher, whose thigh was bit by a great white shark in Northern California.