Political Notebook


GOP 'membership' check likely a prop

Republican fundraisers are persistent if nothing else.

Political Notebook reported last month that the Republican National Committee had sent a letter to a Fort Wayne address seeking an RNC membership renewal and monetary donation from a dead person who had never lived in the city.

This week, the same address received a similar request of the dead person, this one from Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. The party’s 2008 presidential candidate asked the dead person to match his $35 “sustaining membership” in the RNC, and he enclosed a copy of the check he wrote to the group.

We wonder whether the RNC had trouble cashing McCain’s check. Written Sept. 27 on check No. 1628, it carries the names of McCain and his wife, Cindy, and is signed by the senator. But missing from the check are the name of a financial institution, an account number and a routing number.

We suspect the check was an attention-getting prop. It certainly got ours.