Political Notebook

  • Messer wants GOP leadership position
    Another Hoosier seeks a leadership post with the U.S. House Republican caucus.
  • Lugar Series taking applications
    The Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series, a political leadership development course for Republican women, is taking applications for its next class until Aug. 1.
  • Zoeller mum after ban ruling
    Attorney General Greg Zoeller has never been shy.He regularly comments on cases, files briefs around the nation and issues a ton of press releases about office activities.

Taking the bold stance

When Fort Wayne City Council attorney Joe Bonahoom described the process for removing the property tax phase-ins for companies that did not live up to their job creation or investment promises, he outlined the appeal process, saying, “They get a second kick at the cat.”

That brought a lot of chuckles from council members and those in the audience.

But just in case anyone was wondering, council member Tom Smith, R-1st, wanted to be clear that Bonahoom was kidding.

“I do want to say that we don’t kick cats,” Smith said. “We love all animals.”

But don’t expect a tax break for cat owners.