Political Notebook


John Gregg is not running for governor

Democrat John Gregg announced Wednesday he will not run for governor again in 2016.

He put up a tough fight against Republican Gov. Mike Pence in 2012, losing by just a few percentage points.

Gregg recently has been attending dozens of Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners and labor meetings to keep visible for another run.

But a letter he posted on Facebook today said life events are shifting his focus to family.

"Despite the overwhelming support and encouragement to make another run, I am announcing that, at this time, I am no longer actively seeking the Indiana Democratic Party's nomination for Governor in 2016," Gregg said.

He said he will stay involved, and that it is possible to affect change without being on a ballot or holding public office.

"I hope you accept my decision and will support it. As you know, faith is very important to me and I am confident in knowing that whereas I may not know what the future holds for me, I know 'Who' holds the future," Gregg said.

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