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The Journal Gazette

Monday, November 04, 2013 5:17 pm

Pentagon cites ethics violations by security chief

By ROBERT BURNSAP National Security Writer

Pentagon investigators have confirmed four instances of ethics and other rule violations by the chief of Pentagon security.

The accused official is Steven E. Calvery, director of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. The Pentagon said that Calvery has disputed the conclusions reached by the Pentagon inspector general.

The IG completed its report in February but did not make it public until Monday. It said Calvery had misused his position by arranging for a non-employee to use his agency's firing range and misused his subordinates by having them order and pick up his lunch and retrieve coffee for him.

The inspector general also substantiated allegations that Calvery improperly authorized time off for employees to attend a golf tournament and selected a subordinate for promotion based on their relationship rather than the subordinate's experience.

The IG began its investigation in response to two anonymous complaints about Calvery received in March 2011.

The Pentagon said Calvery, who has held his position since May 2006, declined further comment.

In its report, the inspector general recommended the Pentagon take unspecified "appropriate action" against Calvery. A Pentagon spokesman, Air Force Lt. Col. Tom Crosson, said only that "appropriate administrative action" had been taken and that to comment further "would be contrary to department policy and a violation of the Privacy Act."