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  • IRS-prepared taxes have Coats’ support
    For millions of American taxpayers, the uncelebrated unholiday known as Tax Day is spent in an anxious scramble. April 15 doesn’t have to be this way. Most Americans have relatively straightforward finances.
  • Inherent inequities perpetuate pay gap
    President Barack Obama commemorated Equal Pay Day last week by saying that women are paid less than men, only to undercut his argument with a lousy comparison.
  • The positive outlook for Jeb Bush’s message
    The widespread conservative media freak-out over Jeb Bush’s potential presidential candidacy has mostly centered on his expressing empathy for those who come illegally to the United States seeking a better life for their families.


Taxpayers bore burden for auto industry bailout

In regards to the Dec. 6 “Success of Auto Bailout Affirmed” story, how is it affirmed?

By all the information I have read, it was a bust for taxpayers. At a bank, a loan is paid back when the principal plus interest is paid back.

Everything I have read is that the government’s shares of stock were sold below what the government bailout the car Industry cost.

Would President Barack Obama have done this with his own money?

Granted, he saved a lot of jobs and the car companies but he shafted the taxpayers.

Having the taxpayers buy U.S. cars with the government bailout money would have done the same thing – kept jobs and saved the car companies.


Enforce immigration to protect Americans

I find it disturbing that politicians in Washington think fixing our immigration system equates with rewarding illegal behavior. We rewarded 3 million illegal aliens with amnesty in 1986, yet now we have more then 11 million here illegally.

I want to ask Rep. Marlin Stutzman how giving 11 million people here illegally work permits and legal status helps 20 million unemployed Americans. Senate Bill S744 calls for doubling legal immigration and giving out even more work permits to temporary foreign workers. How is this immigration fix supposed to help the unemployed American?

Remember the Secure Fence Act of 2006? It was supposed to result in 700 miles of double chain-link fencing with a road in between for our border patrol to monitor the border. Thirty-six miles of the fence was built, and then the House defunded the law in 2009 and the fence was never completed.

Every time Congress fixes our immigration system, the rewards for those here illegally come first, and when our attention is off the topic, enforcement doesn’t happen.

It’s time we took control and told politicians like Rep. Stutzman that they represent us and we want enforcement without an increase in legal immigration. Is there any wonder that Americans have no faith in Congress?

GREG SERBON State director Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement Griffith

Remember homeless, shut-ins during holidays

The holiday season is here, and there are many people in various senior homes, assisted living centers and hospitals. Please visit them, whether related or not.

Please bring a little joy to their lonely lives (cookies help), stay awhile, tell them what is going on in your lives. But don’t make promises you know you’re not going to keep. That devastates them. They know you’re lying, too.

It’s Christmas, and we should celebrate Christ’s birth as we all come together to share this joy. And do not forget our homeless. There are many more who need our support as well, and as my late father would say, they are “too numerous to mention.” In this instance, though, for the most part, they gave very much of their lives for you. Now is the time to give back.