WOW! The K-zoo player doesn't get a suspension for a blatant cross check to the back of the head area on the goalie no less?! Meisner gets suspended for shooting puck into crowd? I can see perhaps gettin suspended for safety reasons for spectators, but for the K-zoo player not get suspended 1 game at least? This league has no respect for the Komets.
Posted by KometFan 1106 (63 posts) at 1:34 pm Tuesday
15 votes 2 votes
Is makarov gonna be cleared?
Posted by kometfan29 (310 posts) at 2:35 pm Tuesday
5 votes 1 vote
It's probably the correct decision. Safety is the important thing. It's too bad it happened as there seemed to be some glimmer of optimism going on.

...but what do I know? I sit behind a net, not stand in front of one.
Posted by Alan (865 posts) at 3:03 pm Tuesday
3 votes 2 votes
Justin ant word on the Orlando player ?
Posted by Ron Heathman (199 posts) at 4:16 pm Tuesday
2 votes 1 vote
Goal scorer that can fight= you will be happy
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1754 posts) at 4:55 pm Tuesday
8 votes 1 vote
Im hoping its the player who was captain of his college team.....:)
Posted by Ron Heathman (199 posts) at 6:28 pm Tuesday
2 votes 1 vote
Max Strang will start tomorrow.
Posted by Justin Cohn (1324 posts) at 7:50 pm Tuesday
1 vote 4 votes

From NBC sports.... Torts explains exactly what should have been done when 2 of our goalies where taken out. This is what we expected from Komet fans and didn't get. hence we were not happy.
Posted by RabidChicken (105 posts) at 7:59 pm Tuesday
16 votes 2 votes
No, that kind of thing doesn't happen anymore. Don't you read Franke/Sebring/Cohn/Graham quotes?
Posted by JungleMonkey (555 posts) at 8:45 pm Tuesday
15 votes 3 votes
It didn't go INTO the stands. After the goal was scored, Ben fished it out of the net and shot it out of anger. It hit the top of the netting and fell back onto the ice. I never saw it go outside of the rink. If it would have went in the stands with the angle he shot it, someone would have spent their evening at the hospital. He shouldn't have done it regardless. It actually should have been just an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Oh well. It's over and served now.
Posted by Some Chick (1 posts) at 10:44 pm Tuesday
3 votes 1 vote
Gates is now a minus 3 on that one play....
Posted by JR . (849 posts) at 11:20 pm Tuesday
4 votes 3 votes
Soft hockey wins champiionships in soft leagues...only.
Posted by Kyle Hunt (534 posts) at 6:42 am Wednesday
9 votes 2 votes
I don't get people saying hockey isn't a hard hitting sport anymore... I wont argue, its not what it use to be. but the GOOD teams HIT. they grind it out. just take a look at past championship teams in each league. you didn't just skate around any of them. they will make you think twice about certain situations and going to the boards. IMO. and id take a good hard hitting battle on ice before a one or two wanna-be fights. you run my goalie? your gonna know next time not to do that. line brawl? NO. a message sent? needed! call me a naysayer... but this team lacks toughness, not fighting. and to be honest, I don't want this team dropping the gloves every night... I don't wanna go watch anyone get their butts handed to them. throw the body!
Posted by Booner (708 posts) at 7:29 am Wednesday
16 votes 1 vote
Some did go into the stands it landed in first row where no one was sitting..
Posted by kometfan29 (310 posts) at 10:36 am Wednesday
1 vote 0 votes
the puck wouldnt have went out if the netting was actually held down by something other than velcro. I know he shouldnt have tried shooting it anything but he shot it into the netting and it went out.
Posted by Tim57 (82 posts) at 12:07 pm Wednesday
0 votes 0 votes
Did anyone else notice that after we scored the empty net goal the puck bounced back out and a k-zoo player shot the puck into the boards after scored in the same frustrated angry fashion.

Too bad it didn't clear the boards ha
Posted by DavexCore (96 posts) at 3:32 pm Wednesday
4 votes 3 votes
All this talk about the olden days got me interested since I never got to see any of it. It took us 11 years to win a championship in the IHL, and the max amount of teams in any year was 9.
Posted by Unknown (103 posts) at 4:01 pm Wednesday
1 vote 5 votes
You never left feeling you wasted your money in the original IHL...
Posted by JR . (849 posts) at 4:43 pm Wednesday
14 votes 1 vote
Amen to that, JR, amen to that.
Posted by Alan (865 posts) at 5:11 pm Wednesday
4 votes 1 vote
Nice Q & A there with Auger but I am going to post a link to an article addressing a situation that happen in the Vancouver vs LA Kings game a couple days ago. This is what is expected from the Players of Vancouver when star players are "run" in a game. So for all those out there that are saying things of that nature are dead and gone think again this is in the beloved NHL and perhaps some of the K's should take note of what to do when another team runs a forward or goalie in a game. No brawls happen but guys took matters into their own hands in a 1 on 1 combat
Posted by ToeBlake (584 posts) at 5:19 pm Wednesday
9 votes 1 vote
Thank Rabid chicken and Toe Blake for sharing
The canuck article.. that is exactly what most Komet fans were looking for in response to the goalie hits. Also JR was spot on about the old IHL. You did get your moneys worth unlike most games today that are so euro. I don't know who says that is gone from hockey but it surely is not!
Posted by FWMUEL (75 posts) at 6:47 pm Wednesday
8 votes 1 vote
Man, I remember leaving games in the mid/late 90's with no voice and a sore throat from screaming and yelling so much. It was so fun back then. Rivalries, each team had a player (or five) that fans hated and vise versa, and guys left it on the ice each night.

Not to be that guy, but those were men playing the game then, and it showed. The league was a notch and a half from the NHL, there was top talent, and it was so much fun. Couldn't wait until game night. My parents had season tickets, and they would buy us seats several rows up. We made so many friends, learned about the game from those around us, and had a blast!

Miss those days.
Posted by RD516 (113 posts) at 8:26 pm Thursday
1 vote 0 votes

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