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This week in outrage

And now, just because Twitter hasn't produced enough outrage, manufactured and otherwise, a quick look at This Week In Outrage -- which is not a Blob feature, mind you, although it's an outrage that it isn't:

* So how about this guy, for starters?

Seriously, it takes some major stones for a Little League to sue one of his own players because the kid threw his batting helmet in the air to celebrate a winning run, and it came down and somehow popped Coach's Achilles tendon.

(And by the way, how does that happen, anyway? I'm trying to think of a scenario where Coach wasn't just a complete klutz, and I can't think of one. So he's really got some stones, suing the poor kid).

Anyway ... the suit is for half-a-million dollars, and includes, of course, damages for "pain and suffering." Oh, please. It's an Achilles, not terminal cancer. Man up, Coach, and accept the universal truth that Stuff Just Happens Sometimes, And It's Nobody's Fault.

You want to be the conductor on the Shame Train, there's plenty of other ways to do it besides picking on a kid celebrating a walk-off hit. To quote ESPN yapping poodle Cris Carter: Come on, man.

* Alex Rodriguez is a gentleman and a scholar.

OK, so I was playing that for laughs.

No, A-Rod is really just D-Lusional, and it's as sad as it is outrageous. More and more he morphs into Lance Armstrong in the last desperate hours of his own self-delusion, when he kept playing, for the 900th time, the It's Jealous Ex-Teammates Lying About Me card, long after that card carried any sort of value whatsoever.

Now, in the wake of Tony Bosch's revelations on "60 Minutes" that he was shooting up A-Rod with everything but Liquid Plumr as late as 2010 and 2011, Rodriguez is suing Major League Baseball again, and -- here's the outrage -- even the players' union.

The MLB suit is to get the arbitrator's decision overturned even though the arbitrator ruled in A-Rod's favor, cutting his 211-game suspension to 162 games. But even more ridiculous is his suit against a players' union that went to the wall for him even after it became obvious that continuing to do so was only damaging the union's credibility.

The gall is breathtaking. The self-delusion is sad beyond words.

* The Lions have filled their vacancy, though perhaps not well. The Vikings have filled theirs. The Redskins, the Buccaneers, the list goes on.

As for the Cleveland Browns, however ...

Well, is it any surprise the Downs are still rumblin'-fumblin'-stumblin'?

Even more amazing is that the brain trust, or what passes for it in C-Town, is counseling the fan base to be patient as they look for just the right guy.

"We have purposefully been very methodical in our approach," Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said in a letter to ticketholders. "We believe it is very important to stay disciplined to this process and to interview all of the candidates on our list."

Of course, this is from a guy who didn't even wait a full year to pull the trigger on Rob Chudzinski after he, I don't know, didn't immediately turn a franchise that's had two winning seasons since 1994 into a Super Bowl team.

Speaking of, you know, patience.

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