Jason Dale? I guess its better than playing Gates at forward?
Posted by JungleMonkey (556 posts) at 5:37 pm Wednesday
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The reason that Dale was available was it appears that Ontario won the San Jose/Worchester affiliation race. More great work by our stellar GM/coach combination. Ontario gets four AHL players and trades Jake Hauswirth to Orlando and Dale to FW. Pretty good day for the Reign.
Posted by indy ks fan (153 posts) at 6:09 pm Wednesday
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Things are moving, players are coming soon. You will soon be happy
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1755 posts) at 7:06 pm Wednesday
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Are you being sarcastic, MB MB? Hard to tell in this forum.
Posted by Horace Posey (22 posts) at 7:36 pm Wednesday
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I applaud David Franke for the Jason Dale move. It shows me that the front office is cognizant of the weaknesses of the club and is trying to improve. This team needs a center badly, needs someone who has a history of scoring, and Dale can fit nicely onto this roster.

This shouldn't and hopefully isn't the last move by the front office. To get a player of the quality of Dale for cash is encouraging. Good for D. Franke.
Posted by Alan (865 posts) at 7:46 pm Wednesday
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I'm alright with this... as long as he understands his role and doesn't get up and quit after 3 or 4 games
Posted by Geronimo (596 posts) at 8:20 pm Wednesday
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I feel like with this team we are driving by Joe's Crab Shack where the side says "Free wings tomorrow" but with this team its "We have players coming soon/ next week"

But if you say that every day/week it will never happen.
Posted by DavexCore (96 posts) at 9:28 pm Wednesday
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sorry meant to say "free crab tomorrow"* not wings
Posted by DavexCore (96 posts) at 10:36 am Thursday
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Good morning , Justin. I've got a question for you. Hopefully you will take some time to answer it.

First, I love Komet hockey. I hate the path that this season has taken so far. I have been pretty critical of David Franke so far this season. Yet, as a season ticket holder, I have spoken to both him and Michael, enjoyed the conversations with them and also Bill. They are very personable people who allow interaction by their fans (both at their offices, Komet Kwarters, and the Coliseum). They saved Komet hockey ( certainly along with Stephen), and they need to be recognized and respected for that fact.

Ok, now my question.

Reading many of the comments, like I do, and hopefully you do also when time permits, I run in to many that call for Stephen to replace David, for the GM to resign, that the Komets need to bring in somebody with contacts and experience.

He's been doing this for twenty plus years. Do you know or are you aware of how many GM's have MORE experience than David Franke??

It doesn't seem to me like it could be many, and aside from this Orlando fiasco, I think he's trying. I can be harshly critical. I know that. I am a season ticket holder, frustrated by what I've seen, anxious for some relief to this mess.

I'm not in the office ( and most likely none of the other posters are , too) so I can't judge what's going on. I can judge the results of the "futures" and the trade demands, and such.

I sincerely think that this team, with some roster help, can make a run. We see glimpses of it now and again. But sometimes patience can "dry" up, and the fans are thirsting for the arrow to start pointing up again.

Like I said, I can be very critical. It isn't, nor ever has been personal. Just a desire to see this franchise prosper. Being a family owned business, he isn't detached from the frustration of it all, and he knows most how it affects their bottom line.

I can heap praise, too. With over twenty years of experience, in so many facets of the game, with so many contacts made, I just don't understand the calling for his ouster.

Again, I applaud him for bringing in Jason Dale, who I remember as a player who isn't afraid to have the puck, and knows what to do with it.

Things are going to hell this year, and its in the tough times where the GM really earns his money.
Posted by Alan (865 posts) at 11:48 am Thursday
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I mean no disrespect because I enjoy reading his posts and respect his opinions but Alan, did your account get hacked? Glad the K's got a win and are trying to make move but DF has 20 years of beer league experience and contacts IMO.
Posted by KometFan02 (71 posts) at 7:27 pm Thursday
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Nope, not at all, KometFan02.

I don't mind "calling someone out" when the time is right, but I'm not sure I would call for David's head. Yes, he is the GM and has the responsibility to sign and finalize the roster. This season has been a mess, that's for sure. I think even he'd admit to that but facts are facts. He's been doing it for over twenty years, made bunches of contacts, (NHL, minor league, coaches, scouts, former players) and has a great city and franchise to flaunt before prospective players.

My judgement comes in how he handles adversity and his methods to cure the ills.

(I still think it was "nuts" not to have a "no report clause" in any trade, but especially in the Lang deal).

Still, it is what it is, and now we go on. The biggest sin, I submit, is the time expired since the Lang deal with virtually nothing. Maybe a simpler explanation would be the number of games played since the trade with no satisfaction for the team.

Thanks for the kind words, KometFan02!
Posted by Alan (865 posts) at 11:41 am Friday
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