I hope things work out so he can dress for the game.

One of the rumors about the Orlando futures was a player by the name of Francis Verreault-Paul. He had only thirteen games with Orlando and out of curiosity went to Elite Prospects to get some information on him. It shows that he has signed a contract to play with a team in Norway.

Maybe this is the reason there has been the delay in getting this whole thing settled.

Don't know for sure, just speculating.

Mightbite seems to think things are happening and happening soon.
I trust his info and hope he's correct about that "soon" part!
Posted by Alan (867 posts) at 3:40 pm Thursday
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According to the ECHL, Komets have signed Dean Ouellet off San Frans roster....

He was their leading scorer... Not bad...
Posted by JR . (853 posts) at 4:12 pm Thursday
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Just out on FB.......Komets acquire San Francisco Bulls leading scorer Dean Ouellet. The 26-year-old forward tallied 20 assists & 10 goals in 38 games.

Now that's a good thing!
Posted by tim g (315 posts) at 4:13 pm Thursday
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