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Letters to the editor

HJR 3 factor in brain drain

I have to lend my voice to the chorus asking our legislators to stop HJR 3.

I am a physician in a specialty that is one of many in which there is a shortage in Indiana (and elsewhere). This shortage is expected to get worse. Young physicians in our specialty (emergency medicine) and other short-handed fields have a choice about where they will go.

Many (straight or gay) just cross Indiana off the list from the get-go because they perceive Indiana to be a cultural backwater where discrimination is standard fare. As part of a general trend, their generation can’t figure out why we would go so far as to build such anti-civil-rights thinking into our laws. But they know there are dozens of states where this does not happen. They can just as easily go there. And they do.

This is brain drain. We have known of it for decades. Leaders have talked about what to do to reverse the trend. Yet here we are shooting ourselves in the foot once again.

Nothing could carry the message that Indiana isn’t the place they want to live more than a nine-month TV and advertising blitz about HJR 3, demonstrating loudly that Indiana doesn’t respect the infinite worth of every individual. It makes Indiana a place that people who have choices will often cross off their list from the start.

Whom do you want taking care of you as you get older and need more and more medical care? You want the best medical personnel. Then you need to stop driving them away: Say no to HJR 3.


Stop denying gays’ civil rights

HJR 3 is nothing short of allowing legalized discrimination of a group of people who just want be themselves. These same citizens are expected to pay taxes, which also pay the salaries of the very people who are discriminating against them.

The legislature is spending far too much money and time arguing over HJR 3. The gay citizens of Indiana just want the same protection and equality that a “traditional” married couple has. There are many gay couples who are living in committed relationships for well over 20 or 30 years and have a real fear that everything they shared as a committed couple could be taken away from them, legally, regardless of the wishes of the deceased partner. It will also void any written will of the deceased partner because they were not recognized as a legally married couple.

The gay citizens of Indiana just want to be seen as equal spouses who happen to be gay and married. We are taxpaying citizens who do not want to be discriminated against any longer.

The federal government has recognized same-sex unions and allows domestic partnerships to be recognized and afforded all of the rights of a heterosexual partnership, which is all the rest of us are asking for. Wake up and stop spending money on something that is inevitable to become law in Indiana. There is nothing to fear; we are just the same as anyone else.

It’s about civil rights, people. This is legalized discrimination – and it needs to stop.

LAURIE BUTTS Columbia City

No facts to support evolution

I read with interest “Creation of a lie” (Jan. 24). When I came to the statement, “evolution is a fact,” I had reason to pause.

Charles Darwin stated evolution began millions of years ago. This process resulted in all the life forms we see today (and many now extinct). Paleontologists tried to prove this with fossil evidence.

Evolutionist Steven J. Gould in “Natural History” said, “All paleontologists know that the fossil record contains precious little in the way of intermediate forms; transitions between major groups are characteristically abrupt.” He proposed an idea called “punctuated equilibrium” that says evolution happens quickly in steps.

Evolutionist Richard Dawkins tells us that both of the above ideas cannot be proved from science, so he tells us that life was “seeded” on earth by some aliens from a far-off world. What evidence supports this?

Are these the facts we are to accept?

Chemistry tells us that two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to form a molecule of water. Astronomy tells us that the earth is about 93 million miles from the sun. Biology tells us that red blood cells carry oxygen in our blood.

These are facts of science. I look forward to someone providing a list of such certain facts in the field of evolution. Let us continue our study of science based not on opinion but rather on the facts that are available. The only fact of evolution is that evolution is not a fact.

TED BRAUN Fort Wayne