Awesome game Komets! Good hitting, good scoring, good defense. Somebody surely will find something wrong with the win!
Posted by jonndfi (162 posts) at 7:55 pm Sunday
14 votes 7 votes
Great game Komets.. coming back from the early deficit was nice to see and Southorns check in the last 10 seconds along the boards was really huge... nice game by Carter and Marino! Now go to Florida t warm up and get 6 points! Go Komets!!
Posted by FWMUEL (75 posts) at 8:07 pm Sunday
13 votes 2 votes
HUGE regulation win. The Eastern Conference teams are each averaging between 4 and 5 OT/SO losses this season. The Komets have 11...ELEVEN! Win half of those and we are talking about wining the conference rather than making the play-offs.

It was nice to put them down in 60 minutes. Outstanding.
Posted by Horace Posey (22 posts) at 8:09 pm Sunday
8 votes 4 votes
Was I the only one battling to stay awake during the second period?
Posted by JungleMonkey (557 posts) at 8:58 pm Sunday
15 votes 10 votes are right about the 2 nd period.. it looked like they were skating in mud.I think. 4 games in 5 days might have been the issue. It was nice to see them get their 2 nd wind!
Posted by FWMUEL (75 posts) at 9:34 pm Sunday
9 votes 8 votes
The third period made up for the boring second period though.
Sydlowski came through with a nice shot.
I wish Meisner would've gotten the start Friday against Cincy. Hopefully he gets the majority of the time this week.
Posted by Unknown (107 posts) at 9:59 pm Sunday
8 votes 5 votes
Man, One of us is such a downer all the time. It gets old.
Posted by KometsfanX (89 posts) at 10:10 pm Sunday
13 votes 12 votes
We need people like that. Makes us uppers pause for a moment and appreciate why were so positive.
Posted by orange_koolaid2.0 (153 posts) at 10:41 pm Sunday
7 votes 14 votes
On a side note, Tom Didier should have lost his job last week when the 9 year old sang The Star Spangled Banner!
Posted by Joe Charles (52 posts) at 10:46 pm Sunday
9 votes 10 votes
i talked with graham and franke tonight and they said meisner tweaked his calf in warmups on friday or would have started but both him and dale expect to be back during or right after the florida trip. Great regulation win glad we pulled through.

Have to give franke his credit the carter and oulettes that we picked up have really added depth and made this a tough team!
Posted by HockeyKnowHow (164 posts) at 11:08 pm Sunday
15 votes 6 votes
Thanks HKH. I thought it was weird with the past success Meisner had against Cincinnati. I still see more out of Meisner than Makarov lately.

We came out firing in the third and that was the difference tonight. We need to keep it up with another big week ahead.
Posted by Unknown (107 posts) at 11:46 pm Sunday
5 votes 3 votes
Fyi Orange koolaid 2.0, you spelled udders wrong....

Thought I'd help you out...

Good win for the K's. They were able to salvage the week and put a 3 point cushion between themselves and Wheeling...

Bad penalties by Pepin and Southorn giving goals to Wheeling were made up for by great defense when it mattered.
Posted by JR . (853 posts) at 6:13 am Monday
11 votes 3 votes
One of us is a downer all the time?

Or has one of us not sunk to the point where a home win is so extraordinary that I'm willing to overlook the fact that 80% of the evening was boring.

Remember when we used to go to the Coliseum and expect the Komets to win 70% of the time? Guys like Massie, Stewart, Chaulk, Gautier, MacMillan, Brett Smith... they entertained us by playing hard-nosed hockey. With the exception of Marino and Dean Ouellet I don't see full out skating, checking, and end to end play on this team. I won't be the dead horse of the off-ice product.

Dean Ouellet is the kind of guy I'd try to keep in Fort Wayne as long as I could if my last name were Franke.
Posted by JungleMonkey (557 posts) at 9:02 am Monday
17 votes 6 votes
I dont think that 80% was boring id say maybe 40% the second was a snoozer with mostly neutral ice play but both teams played 4 games in 5 nights thats kind of a lot.

I agree with meisner being the number one goalie i told graham i thought he was showing he should be number one plus he was streaking and i say stick with the hot goalie!

I also added we should never scratch gates for martine again gates repeatedly makes mistakes that give up goals!

I really think once dale and flemming come back though we will be a really good team like 2nd or 3rd best in the east! I really think were better than kzoo.
Posted by HockeyKnowHow (164 posts) at 9:51 am Monday
8 votes 6 votes
The Komets need to fix their net front presence. Too many goals this season by players left untouched within 5 feet of the goalie... That will kill their chances in the playoffs if they make it...

It time to find a guy who CAN fight instead on one who WILL fight...IMO Chaz Johnson can fly around and pound Komets players without and true fear of retribution. His elbows crept higher and higher as that game went along because all he got was a few evil eyes from Gates. Maybe challenge Sydlowski to be a true power forward...

Is Auger nursing an injury? Looked to me that he was slowed by something for most of the weekend... He just didnt look like himself.
Posted by JR . (853 posts) at 10:31 am Monday
4 votes 4 votes
Auger was slow for sure. Still trying his best to stay in the play and contribute, but his speed and mobility was off.
Posted by JungleMonkey (557 posts) at 10:55 am Monday
8 votes 3 votes
I don't think we have turned that corner quite yet, nor do I think we will this season. Cant have two or three guys playing the body and go anywhere in the post season.
Posted by Kyle Hunt (534 posts) at 11:45 am Monday
7 votes 7 votes
Honest question. What were all of your expectations coming into the season? It sounds like you wanted a team with 3 fights a game, plus an undefeated record. I always thought of this fan base as one of the best when it came to hockey knowledge, and common sense. It now seems as though it has transformed into something much different. I'm not taking shots, just seems as though things have changed a considerable amount this season in all aspects of the organization.
Posted by Jerad Shaw (212 posts) at 12:44 pm Monday
9 votes 12 votes
I'm not sure if you have been following close enough if you believe people are calling for 3 fights a game and an undefeated season.

Looking at player stats at this point in the season, it's obvious the Komets had the talent to stay in the top 5 teams in the East despite not having an affiliation; but what they lacked was a coach who could put it all together from the start. I was not a fan of the Graham hiring for this organization at this point in his career. He needed more seasoning as a head coach in almost all aspects of the game except for film study and recruiting... He didnt have enough experience in how to handle different personalities in the locker room. The Komets have suffered because their head coach is learning on the job...

Physical game is lacking... Despite what they are trying to tell us in the press, the physicality of this game has not drastically reduced over the past 2 seasons... We still see teams come in here and hit everything. We still see teams sticking up for each other when liberties are taken (of course you have to watch other ECHL games besides Komets games to see this). We have seen Komets goalies run, hit, bumped, slashed, and poked with little to no retaliation from the rest of the team... Unacceptable! Marino takes a beating... Nothing happens... Dean Ouelett to a cross check from behind in the corner this weekend and Komets players skated away because a penalty was called, even when Dean got up one even checked on him... C'mon...

Even though the Komets are playing much better of late, there are still glaring holes on this roster that many are hoping management see's and tries to correct...

Personally, I would like to see Carter get some 1st or 2nd line time from here on out. Guy has a wicked shot that most goalies have had problems stopping or controlling. I would also like to see Sydlowski step up into more of the power forward type roll... I want to see the Defense work at clearing out the crease better or at least tying up players around the net. You can do that without taking penalties... Nutkevich is, IMO, probably the most under rated forward on this team... He's always in the right spot, wins faceoffs, covers the point for pinching Dmen, and plays both ends of the ice... Is he an offensive dynamo? No; but he knows his role and plays it well...

No one wants the LNAH and all their staged fights right off the faceoffs; but rather a hard nosed team that sticks up for each other when words alone, just will not do...
Posted by JR . (853 posts) at 1:30 pm Monday
13 votes 4 votes
Fights are completely off my radar. Hitting people, and making teams intimidated when coming into our building is dead center on my radar. If you drop one of our players with a dirty elbow, you're gonna drop your gloves. You take liberties with our goalie, you get punched in the snotbox. I want the guy next to me yelling as loud as I am because the product on the ice is exciting, not asking my kid if he's played the new Angry Birds racing game. People are literally playing Words with Friends rather than watching the product on the ice because it is so dull. This isn't an ECHL issue, it's a Komets issue. Of course, you'd have to attend more than 4 games a year to maybe form that opinion. My $2000 a year in tickets provides me the opportunity to watch just how boring this team is.
Posted by JungleMonkey (557 posts) at 2:08 pm Monday
17 votes 3 votes
Check this out. I was suprised since their isn't fights in hockey anymore and nobody sticks up for their teamates anymore. I was quite shocked to see this. Unknown you especially make sure you watch it.
Posted by BNYS 79 (101 posts) at 2:22 pm Monday
7 votes 4 votes
I dont think we are to far off from the physical rough nosed hockey we all want last weekend we saw it! Sydlowski destroying lawrence then whooping his but was great and everybody followed suit i honestly believe if flemming and dale come back no problems with our forwards at all wouldnt change a thing!

Now when it comes to d we need to get gates out of there granted he plays with the most grit not saying much, and replace him with a responsible dman who clears creases and throws the body and i think this team is ready for the playoffs imo.
Posted by HockeyKnowHow (164 posts) at 2:38 pm Monday
3 votes 10 votes
this is who i want from orlando!
Posted by HockeyKnowHow (164 posts) at 3:04 pm Monday
2 votes 2 votes
I'd say a 5 game sample is enough to form an opinion. Keep calling for the days of "Old time hockey," but they are gone. As much as I respect your credibility, I don't understand if you are so upset with the product, why keep going? If I don't like something, I sure don't keep putting myself through it.
Posted by Jerad Shaw (212 posts) at 3:09 pm Monday
4 votes 10 votes
Gates plays with the most grit.... are you serious? Southorn, Martine, and Lacasse all are far "grittier" than Gates...

Gates does lead the defense in "next times".... As in, "next time you hit our goalie" or "next time you run Marino"......
Posted by JR . (853 posts) at 3:16 pm Monday
11 votes 3 votes
Old time hockey may be gone; but tough nosed, hard hitting hockey is still around and thriving in many, many areas outside fort wayne.... Not sure what you're watching.....

Heck in the NHL and AHL, they go after you if its a clean hit thats devastating looking....

People need to stop believing everything the read and actually watch some hockey outside of the Fort.... Seeing is believing...
Posted by JR . (853 posts) at 3:21 pm Monday
10 votes 5 votes
Jerad, I think maybe you should take Unknown out for a evening. Go to dinner and then maybe catch a figure skating competition or maybe even a ballet. I think you would have a great time.

JM, as well a many other Komet fans would like a tough nosed hockey team. That still exists in hockey. I still see it in the NHL, AHL, as well as the ECHL. It has only been gone for the Komets this year. We are simply asking for it back, and I think it slowly may be. You must have drank to much orange koolaid early on in the season that JR is always talking about.

Posted by BNYS 79 (101 posts) at 3:27 pm Monday
9 votes 4 votes
I don't get it...

Good teams, playoff/championship teams, play rough and hard. They bang. They grind. You think twice about going into the corners against them. No one is afraid of this Komets team. Im just stating the obvious. Not "hating". not "bashing". its pretty simple. has nothing to do with dropping the gloves, unless its deserved. wow...
Posted by Booner (708 posts) at 3:33 pm Monday
11 votes 3 votes
Off topic, I really wish they would get a more consistent sound on the jumbotron. Multiple people that sit near me think the music played has become unbearably loud (and no we're not senior citizens). Maybe the Franke's are trying to make it hard for people to talk during games thinking that if you're busy talking than you're not watching the game.
Posted by Sthayes (5 posts) at 3:35 pm Monday
6 votes 3 votes
I have watched plenty of NHL games both past and present, to tell you that it's no where near what it use to be. Everyone wants a physical, bruising hockey game, yet the first big hit the Komets had last night turned into a PP for Wheeling. It's the way the game is going to keep heading. But then again, then it would be a bad penalty, and you guys would try to run said player out of town. It's the same song and dance with this fanbase. Spoiled and and run kicking and screaming when things don't go their way.
Posted by Jerad Shaw (212 posts) at 3:39 pm Monday
2 votes 14 votes
During the game, I remarked to the person next to me that Auger seemed off his game. He was slow and not in the thick of things. Two seconds later, he scored! My neighbor then asked me to pick out another player that did not seem to be themself!
Posted by Hockey Junkie (306 posts) at 3:42 pm Monday
5 votes 0 votes
I love a good, physical hockey game as much as the next guy. I also cherish the time that I get to watch a hockey game live. So a team you "root" for doesn't live up to your physical expectations and intimidation demands. The lack of respect you give an organization that puts a team on the ice is painful. The town of Fort Wayne has always put it's best foot forward in terms of minor league sports, but anyone from out of town reading this blog sure wouldn't see that. I've said my peace. I'll keep enjoying games the way I do and just leave the board talk to the professionals.
Posted by Jerad Shaw (212 posts) at 3:45 pm Monday
2 votes 12 votes
We'll see you again mid-season next year... Thanks for stopping by.
Posted by JungleMonkey (557 posts) at 3:51 pm Monday
11 votes 4 votes
BNYS: you've already used the figure skating joke. Try to think of a new one. My feelings don't get hurt on a Komets blog where I can tell atleast 90% of the posters haven't experienced the sport in person.
Jerad: we could go to stick n puck at Canlan for a date. I have a weird feeling you play or have played.
Posted by Unknown (107 posts) at 4:02 pm Monday
2 votes 12 votes
Unknown, if you did go out, you could pick him up and then truthfully state, "I went to Jerad".

By the way, is there a Jerad jewelry store in Fort Wayne? I see the commercials all the time, but haven't seen a store.
Posted by Alan (869 posts) at 4:11 pm Monday
8 votes 2 votes
"It's the same song and dance with this fanbase. Spoiled and and run kicking and screaming when things don't go their way."

and you are doing what?

same ole story with most of you guys. once someone defends their opinion, you turn to insults and childish crap. our opinions are from what we see or DO NOT see on the ice with this team. its all right there. in front of our eyes. love that you all love this team and defend them. but stop with the crying and whining. there will be disagreements. tough nosed hockey isn't line brawls and constant open ice hits every game all game. unbelievable!
Posted by Booner (708 posts) at 4:18 pm Monday
7 votes 3 votes
Booner, this is a blog. Quit using common sense.

All of this from a fan who used to attend many games, and would brag on the blog how he could distract Muskegon players on their bench during games, and be giddy and proud about it. Somehow, the two things don't quite "mesh".

Still it is his opinion.

Mentioning Muskegon reminds me of exactly why we are NOT spoiled. Muskegon and Quad City used to dominate the K's and break a lot of Komet fans hearts along the way. Now one doesn't have a team and the other needed "life" support from the CHL last year.

If having high standards for being satisfied is "spoiled", then I am guilty. And happy about it!!
Posted by Alan (869 posts) at 4:28 pm Monday
9 votes 3 votes
There is always room for improvement....

Some fans get that, others do not...

I've played pick up hockey...; but I'm no IPFW club team all star or anything...

Blake and Justin have never played hockey (as far as I know) and yet no one ever questions their "opinions" on this team; but since there are insinuations that you dont know squat if you havent played,then I guess they should be offended....?

Same old stuff every year... If you don't follow the company agenda then your a terrible fan. If you dont take everything that comes out of the Frankes, Coaches, or players mouthes as gospel, then your a terrible fan...

Talk about needing new material...
Posted by JR . (853 posts) at 5:07 pm Monday
9 votes 3 votes
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1757 posts) at 5:20 pm Monday
4 votes 2 votes
Correct Alan. I was young and stupid, with money to blow and little responsibilities. I've grown up, and with that have gained knowledge. Even in my days of stupidity, I didn't take for granted what we had here in Fort Wayne. But you are 100% right about what I use to be, I can't deny that.
I'm not running due to being spoiled or things not going my way. I'm just done feeding the beast of negativity that comes with this blog. I'd rather just go and watch hockey. Will I get upset with play at times, probably, but the last thing I'm going to do is go after guys who I pay money to cheer for. Does that make some of you wrong for doing it? Nope, you have every right to voice your displeasure with your team.
Posted by Jerad Shaw (212 posts) at 5:28 pm Monday
4 votes 6 votes
I agree with JM, it was close to 80% boring. The 3rd period was the only period that was not. Glad we got the win, need all the points we can get. Hopefully they can go to Florida and get some wins, tied in points with Florida so we need all the points we can get from these next three games.
Posted by RickC (403 posts) at 5:38 pm Monday
4 votes 3 votes
Jerad, that was a wonderful explanation and a truly inspiring comment. No one is ever totally right. No one should ever take Fort Wayne Komet hockey for granted, either.

We've already gone through one major change (Welker moving the team to Albany, NY to become the Albany Choppers) and if anything, we all should recognize what the Franke's have done for the city.
That doesn't mean we shouldn't make our feelings known, however.

It all depends on how it is done. That's the crux of the matter, really. Honesty in thought, a well stated purpose, a sincere attempt in improving the team is the main goal, I feel. Sometimes, on this blog and the other, contributors can't get by the idea that others don't agree. You've seen the comments.

Reading your post, I hope you don't stop. We may not agree, but so what? If someone can use logic and facts to sway my opinion, I'm better for it and am glad to change my thinking. For me, an example would be Gary Graham. Heck, I've gone back and forth on him 'till I'm dizzy. Schrock too.

Speaking of Graham, I'm going to get off the blog now to watch "Sound Off".

But don't stop posting.
Posted by Alan (869 posts) at 7:13 pm Monday
4 votes 3 votes
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1757 posts) at 7:22 pm Monday
1 vote 2 votes
I believe a corner has definitely been turned.

I'm not a fan of the less-than physical style but they have figured out a way to be competitive.
Posted by Writes Right Shoots Left (304 posts) at 8:25 pm Monday
6 votes 3 votes
I thought it was a good game overall by the Komets. The 2nd was slow but they picked it up in the third and finally closed out a game strong.

I myself was glad to see Gates back on the ice. Yeah he had a few bad games, but I think he played well last night and put out some good hits that was missing on Friday (I did not go Saturday). I love the way Carter is starting to play as well and I think he will continue to make a difference.

For a lot of us that go to all the games, I think this team is playing better then a lot of us thought they would play this season and it would be hard to ignore the fact they are starting to look better as a team. Not perfect, but considering the season so far, we are getting to see better hockey.

Highly agree with Writes Right though... not a fan of the less then physical style, but a corner has definitely been turned.
Posted by picohunt (5 posts) at 8:50 pm Monday
5 votes 4 votes
Inquiring minds want to know...Do you still have the $800 shoes from NYC?

That is all.
Posted by Brad Fuller (1720 posts) at 9:15 pm Monday
4 votes 4 votes
Unknown, No joke, I just wanted everyone to know that you used to be a figure skater and not a hockey player. That way everyone will understand your thinking. Don't worry, I still feel that you know much more than anyone on this blog.

Posted by BNYS 79 (101 posts) at 9:37 pm Monday
8 votes 3 votes
When is the next MyKomets on MyTv thing? Maybe Unknown knows this answer???

Posted by Brad Fuller (1720 posts) at 9:45 pm Monday
5 votes 4 votes
Hey Jerad....did you ever get your book signed?
Posted by Brad Fuller (1720 posts) at 10:27 pm Monday
5 votes 4 votes
The book was never signed. I feel off the map pretty quick after the 08 season. I was able to obtain the pretty little lady in my profile picture, and I'm currently trying to figure out how many games I can get my soon to be 2nd son into games without paying! :)

I understand frustration, and it may be my biggest problem in this whole scenario. While my passion is hockey, my heart/head belongs to the Cubs. I look for as much good, as I can find in the bad. Out of the small amount of games I've been to, I haven't seen a physical team, but I haven't seen a team come in and dictate a game with their physical play either.

All in all, I'm just happy to be able to take my son to hockey games, and be able to enjoy them once again. I don't feel that people on this board that are after better are wrong, I just know there is worse in the world. That being not having hockey, or being a Cubs fan.

P.S. March 8-9, I'm taking the family to KZOO for an old fashion Komet weekend. Will I have to Nuggie and wet willie my way to my seats??
Posted by Jerad Shaw (212 posts) at 1:36 am Tuesday
3 votes 4 votes
wow lots has been said since i last posted lol, with all this being said dont let all the bloggers get to you jerad and unknown which i dont think they do anyway.

I said he had the most grit as in he hits agitates the most believe me southorn is my favorite player and he hits as well but i believe gates plays with a little gritty mentality. Southorn lacasse and martine are all better defensemen and hit but i think they are just better players martine maybe more physical but im not sure if you understand what grit is?

With all this being said still dont like gates on the ice makes the most mistakes and gives up goals yes he does hit but much rather us trade miller and gates for a bang the body responsible defenseman.
Posted by HockeyKnowHow (164 posts) at 11:03 am Tuesday
2 votes 7 votes
The Marino jersey will be listed soon. Because of the weather a lot of shipments were delayed. So they are staggering the auctions.
Posted by Justin Cohn (1326 posts) at 11:35 am Tuesday
5 votes 2 votes
I know what grit is; but it's fairly obvious by your posts that you don't...

Gates shouldn't even be on this roster... He can't skate fast enough to hit anyone and if by some miracle he does, it's by accident... He's too busy coughing up the puck to the other team to be "gritty"....

If your definition of grit is skating by someone and giving them a little meow after the play, then I guess Gates is just an animal....
Posted by JR . (853 posts) at 11:42 am Tuesday
10 votes 5 votes
thanks for the update on the Marino jersey.
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1757 posts) at 5:21 pm Tuesday
5 votes 0 votes
Some guy from Orlando named Mickey Lang got player of the week.

I can't believe those idiots in Evansville traded him to Orlando and got nothing in return. Unreal. That sort of thing would never happen here in Fort Wayne considering everyone loves playing here and our 62 years of tradition.

We are lucky.
Posted by Brad Fuller (1720 posts) at 6:00 pm Tuesday
10 votes 3 votes
I must be watching a different Gates, didnt know we had two.....the one ive seen doesnt deserve ice time! Good thing im not the coach though, i still dont understand why Miller is out there every other would think someone with so much ice time would have better numbers....even a blind squirrel. .
Posted by 5MinuteMajor (175 posts) at 7:17 pm Tuesday
6 votes 2 votes
$800 shoes?
Posted by Justin Cohn (1326 posts) at 7:59 pm Tuesday
2 votes 0 votes
No lie.
Posted by Brad Fuller (1720 posts) at 8:57 pm Tuesday
2 votes 4 votes
Who? What?
Posted by Justin Cohn (1326 posts) at 10:35 pm Tuesday
1 vote 0 votes
Saturday, March 8 Komets at Kalamazoo Wings 7:30pm

Sunday, March 16 Komets at Toledo Walleye 5pm ET

Friday, Apr. 4 Komets at Toledo Walleye 7pm ET

Here is the remaining MYTV broadcasts in case anyone wants to know
Posted by RickC (403 posts) at 10:41 am Wednesday
3 votes 0 votes
Jerad Shaw....explain your shoe shopping adventures of the past in NYC buying $800 shoes.
Posted by Brad Fuller (1720 posts) at 9:17 pm Wednesday
1 vote 0 votes

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