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  • Letters
    Road work 95% done;residents 100% satisfied Almost all the streets in the Crown Colony Addition have been in tremendous need of repair.
  • Letters
    Road work 95% done;residents 100% satisfiedAlmost all the streets in the Crown Colony Addition have been in tremendous need of repair.
  • Expanded ASH Centre a wide-ranging Legacy
    Every year now, 2,000 kids participate in the World Baseball Academy’s Hoosier Classic amateur youth baseball tournaments in the heart of our city.

Letters to the editor

Bigots hide behind Bible

Can we please stop with the “traditional,” “Bible based,” “redefining” marriage arguments against marriage equality for LGBT people?

Anyone who has done more than 30 seconds of Google research knows that many of the ways one could be biblically married are illegal, immoral or just plain wrong. Solomon had 700 wives, and how many men do you know who take their brothers’ widows?

But those are outdated concepts and we haven’t redefined marriage in the modern age, you say. As late as 1895 married women legally had to give control of any earnings they had to their husbands, but wives don’t have to do that today. Up until 1967 people of different races couldn’t get married, so we have redefined marriage in the modern age.

If you are going to quote Bible verses against homosexuality in general, please be mindful of other verses in the same books that you quote that we as a society completely ignore on account of our modern understanding and growth as human beings. Stop hiding behind your Bible, just admit you hate what you don’t understand and you don’t want to understand what you hate, and doing so makes you feel superior to someone else.


Snowplow drivers unappreciated

So Tim Case (Feb. 20) thinks the snowplow drivers shouldn’t fly down his street and be more careful not to throw snow on his cleared sidewalk.

First, if the drivers are flying down his street, they most likely are trying to get the most snow cleared in the shortest time. Secondly, if snow on his freshly cleaned sidewalk is a problem, why not do a quickie job cleaning it then after the plow goes through clean up the rest? Thirdly, when the plow driver pushed the snow back so he could make the corner easier, just where did he think the plow driver was going to push the snow to? His driveway?

When my mailbox got knocked off the post from the county plows flying by too fast, my reaction to the wife wasn’t that of a ticked-off resident. It was a retired guy who was glad the plow got close enough to the box so that I can just grab the mail from my truck window.

If you ever get the chance to ride with a plow driver sometime, take it. I’m sure after as little as 30 minutes, you would never again complain about anything that happens concerning snow removal.

JOHN R. BANET Fort Wayne

Liquor import rules too strict

I have a question for the Indiana Liquor Board: Why is it that I can go online and get prescription drugs from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada delivered to my house, but I can’t get a bottle of wine from an out-of-state winery shipped in? I can’t even get a box of liqueur-filled chocolates delivered from Las Vegas. Do the liquor wholesalers have complete control of the state of Indiana or just the liquor board?


Plan ahead next school year

This winter has been horrendous. I want it gone as quickly as possible.

Having said that, I work for the school system and I have been home more the past couple of months, as have been your kids. The state mandates 180 days. There are several makeup days factored into the equation for events like we’ve experienced this winter. Well, we far exceeded that this year.

I have heard all of the different school systems that are contemplating an hour before or after school or on Saturdays. I know that the Saturday idea would be disastrous. Try getting the kids there an extra day, not to mention the cost of transporting them their on buses and the extra cost to your already-strapped school systems this would be.

My brain got thinking that, not so much for this school year because we’ve already past the 100-day mark, but for the next year, go an extra 15 minutes in the morning, which would come out to 4.5 days. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it would sure help out with any future weather situations, and 15 minutes extra a day wouldn’t really affect anyone that much.

If the weather days aren’t used, then let the kids out of school 4.5 days earlier at the end of the school year, as many of our schools aren’t air conditioned so the kids would love starting their summer a tad earlier and the staff would look forward to getting out earlier to avoid the toasty rooms.