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    CHEERS to the kind person who left the very generous gift on our pumpkin wagon the morning of Oct. 18. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.
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    Deregulated capitalism disaster for lower classes What you read in the funny papers sometimes isn’t funny.
  • Obama presidency hangs on single, long step
    Anyone with a respect for history knows that sometimes the greatest events pivot on a single man and decision at a critical moment. Now is that moment. Is President Barack Obama the man?


Plenty of live Olympics coverage – for early birds

Allow me to enlighten Marlin Culy (“Not enough live sports in Olympics coverage,” March 2) and others who felt the same way about the lack of live events.

First, Sochi is nine hours ahead of us – 12 noon in Fort Wayne, 9 p.m. in Sochi. Everything you saw in prime time on NBC – the Olympics network – for two weeks was tape-delayed. Second, NBC did show live events on their network of networks: MSNBC, NBC Sports and However, with the time difference, most of the events were broadcast live between 5 a.m. and 4 p.m. Not exactly prime time.

Lastly, if you think the coverage for the 2018 Winter Olympics will get better, think again. Pyeongchang, South Korea, will be hosting the games, and they are 14 hours ahead of Indiana. The live prime time coverage will increase, but not by much. And NBC has the rights to the games yet again, so you’ll probably see the same stories four years from now, just done with different athletes and locales.


Abortion reporting helps protect kids, and it’s law

I’m responding to a letter published March 4 titled “Abortion reports show the real issue.” As an educated woman, wife and mother of three, I am offended by the assertion from Carolyn Meagher and Sue Ellen Braunlin, co-presidents of the Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice, that it is permissible for an abortion provider to ignore the Indiana law intended to protect children from sexual abuse and bring a perpetrator to justice.

They stated that some abortion providers were “a little tardy” in reporting that a 13-year-old had an abortion. Six months isn’t a little tardy. The law is clear: an abortionist has to notify both the Indiana State Department of Health and Indiana Child Protective Services within three days. That’s not tardy, ladies; that’s breaking the law!

Since your organization has “Justice” in the title, I would hope this means that you support laws that are in place to protect children from sexual abuse and hold perpetrators accountable to prevent them from continuing their abuse!


Marriage vote delayed; society’s end hastened

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that since the Indiana House and Senate Republicans didn’t have the guts to let the people of Indiana vote on the marriage amendment this year, I predict it will never pass, if in fact it ever gets voted on at all.

The gay marriage activists are dancing in the streets over their victory because they know they now have at least 2 1/2 more years to find sympathetic judges to thwart the people’s will and wage their propaganda war to either convince people to support them or shame them into silence.

Decades or centuries from now, when the book “The Rise and Fall of the United States of America” is written, chapters will be devoted to how the destruction of the traditional nuclear family, which had existed since the dawn of human history, was one of the factors that precipitated the eventual and inevitable decline of the whole of society and ultimately the end of the United States as we know it. Yes, it’s that important.