Lang is a goal scoring beast!

Can't argue with too many of these. Bootland is a solid pick.

I've liked Caria throughout the season as well.
Posted by JungleMonkey (595 posts) at 10:24 pm Thursday
7 votes 4 votes
Must really suck to be a goal scoring machine and leading the league by leaps and bounds, and still be playin in the echl. There must be something wrong with him.
Posted by James Mellon (119 posts) at 10:50 pm Thursday
8 votes 14 votes
Get over yourself! if you think you could do any better why don't you lace up the skates and play in the AHL or Nhl. Or better yet, buy a hockey team and have at it. Or go coach an SPHL team for a year and be handed an ECHL team to make a joke of the season.

Lang and Marino are both all stars at the AA level. Does that mean they aren't good players because they aren't in the AHL? Did you think any less of Chaulk? Or your favorite player Schrock? Schrock is a 10th forward hometown hero and everyone around here worships him like he is a Komet legend. When did he play in the AHL or score 40 goals?

AHL players are typically guys who have been drafted within the last 3 of 4 years that are on nhl contracts and then, those guys that don't make it to the nhl are filtered back thru ECHL, CHL, and over seas....or retire.

To say Mickey Lang isn't a good player when he is torching the ECHL after doing the same in the CHL, is looney tunes.

But go on worshipping Schrock.

Posted by Brad Fuller (1720 posts) at 11:13 pm Thursday
16 votes 15 votes
We call people out at the Air National Guard like Schrocky "spoon fed". Straight to the top of the rafters. Even though they didn't earn it....
Posted by lawnmower (22 posts) at 11:53 pm Thursday
9 votes 8 votes
Be real people have you ever seen a AHL game? Lang and Marino are great at AA. They are too small for the AHL other wise they would be there. You can't teach 6'2" you either are or are not.... Love to watch them both play..
Posted by Just My Thoughts (125 posts) at 2:30 am Friday
14 votes 3 votes
Go keep drinking the orange Kool-Aid. You'll soon be in the bathroom throwing up. All of this stinks. Guys not good enough to play here, but plays in AHL about all year, lead the league in goals. You never played the game, buy the team, become the GM or coach. Team for sale , No its not. Raise prices. No hitting or fighting in hockey= everywhere but here.
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1810 posts) at 4:45 am Friday
13 votes 6 votes
M.Lang =3 goals + 1 assist
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1810 posts) at 6:17 am Friday
6 votes 5 votes
You hesitated to put Lang on the First Team because he was traded?!?

What kind of ridiculous logic is that?

So Embach doesn't get into the conversation for Team MVP if it were based on your logic because he was traded...

Hope you didn't spill orange Kool-Aid on your ballot when you were filling it out.
Posted by Don't Joke With Cohn (39 posts) at 7:33 am Friday
8 votes 7 votes
Read it again, nowhere in there does it say he's not a good player. There you go assuming....[Deleted] Guess I'm not allowed to state my opinion.
Posted by James Mellon (119 posts) at 8:07 am Friday
8 votes 5 votes
As far as Lang not being big enough to play in the AHL, someone better tell him that. Cuz in a twitter conversation I had with him this is what he said - "I delivered what I told them and was paid to do produce and help the team win. In return I would have an opportunity at Ahl at some point."

So do with that what you will.
Posted by James Mellon (119 posts) at 8:16 am Friday
7 votes 9 votes
Great comment, Jungle Monkey. Filled with intelligence and positivity. So sad that Mr Mellon felt it necessary to follow it with such a negative downer of a comment. Please keep posting, Jungle Monkey. Other people might not find your oosts worthwhile, but the majority of us prefer your comments to some of the less intelligent ones on here.
Posted by Cat Eyes (682 posts) at 8:19 am Friday
10 votes 8 votes
James, you didn't state your opinion. You made an open-for-interpretation insinuation out of spite and bitterness.
You mocked JM and you didn't offer a bit of insight.
And your Twitter "conversations" with Lang are comical. [Deleted]
Posted by Don't Joke With Cohn (39 posts) at 9:03 am Friday
8 votes 8 votes
Yes, that was my opinion. And no I wasn't mocking JungleMonkey. I was going to put that comment whether anyone else commented or not. So how about you don't jump me when I state my opinion. Rather why don't you state your own and leave me out of it. Thank you.
Posted by James Mellon (119 posts) at 11:28 am Friday
7 votes 8 votes

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