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Letters to the editor

Bible irrelevant to discussion of law

Republican state Sen. Mike Delph contended that same-sex marriage advocates have not considered the implications of their support in his article of April 7. The primary justification of his defense of the status quo in Indiana is biblical. In quoting Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, he posits that “back then, it’s hard to imagine these rights included gay marriage or civil unions.”

Democracy and human rights have progressed since the late 18th century. African- and Native Americans, women and others were afforded little by way of rights “back then.” But our nation has advanced, thankfully, and Jefferson’s famous statement about political equality is far more evidenced today than it was in 1776.

Most importantly, however, the architects of the federal Constitution did not create a theocracy. They created a federal republic and determined that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. The United States is governed by laws, not by various and often competing interpretations of the Bible.

At various times in our nation’s history, Jim Crow laws and apartheid were justified by advocates of segregation, in part, on biblical terms. Discrimination in any guise is morally repugnant, and it is unconstitutional. The treatment of classes of citizens by gender, race, religious preference, marriage preference and a host of other factors differently is not only antithetical to the basic tenets of political equality, it also violates constitutional law. Instead of engaging in the politics of fear-mongering, Delph should dedicate more time to following the laws of the United States of America.

BRIAN L. FIFE Fort Wayne

Rivers ripe for canoe racing

Reading Frank Gray’s column about canoeing the Maumee in 10 days (April 6) brings to mind another river, the Au Sable that runs from Grayling to Oscoda, Mich., where it empties into Lake Huron, a distance of 240 miles. One must traverse four or five dams during the trip, which is actually a race, and the last record I heard for passage time is something less than 24 hours.

Starting such a race on either the St. Marys or St. Joseph river would stretch the distance closer to 200 miles, and it could be a part of the Three Rivers Festival. Classes are for one or two people per canoe, with prizes that could be cash, trophies or both, awarded to the fastest boat in each class.

People from all over the country, and possibly the world, compete in the Au Sable event. It seems logical that contacting the Chamber of Commerce of either city or the state tourism bureau would be in order to obtain more information.

DON HICKS Fort Wayne

Pub not at fault in tragedy

I have been what feels like a family member of Corner Pocket Pub since it opened. I am there almost daily because I have known the owners for 20 years, and the management, bartenders and customers are now personal friends of mine. The letter from Brian Thornton (April 7) personally affronted me, so I can imagine how bad it made my friends from Corner Pocket feel.

This bar/restaurant is the cleanest, neatest, nicest place I have ever been. The owners and management have always made sure everything that is done there is perfectly aboveboard and legally done. And, believe me, Excise police come in there and make sure everything is legal all the time. You would not have a job there if you did not have the proper credentials.

For Thornton to even suggest that the place be shut down is just silly. Has he ever been there? During the day, it is usually filled with neighborhood and Legion people just catching up with one another, and a lot of pool players who are serious about their game and come in to practice and have a soda or a water and lunch.

No one can foresee what kind of bad person is going to come in to any bar in Fort Wayne. Thank God the Corner Pocket personnel saw what was happening and got them outside so nothing happened inside. They have an awesome security team at night. The parking lot is a whole different matter, and the police were called immediately.

We all are so sorry for what happened after to poor Haley Nellum, for being in the wrong place. May she rest in peace; we are thinking of her family.

HEIDI RAE Fort Wayne