Just wanted to come on board and post this morning.

As you probably know, I haven't been a Schrock supporter all season long. I have stated my reasons over and over again.

Still, it wouldn't be fair of me to be such a one sided individual without coming on here and acknowledging what a nice goal he had last night. I've never doubted his heart, speed, and willingness to "mix it up". But have always criticized him for his lack of scoring.

His goal last night was a pretty one. It resulted from his hard work and his ability to get into the "slot". Good for him (and the Komets).

The goal was huge, as it put the Komets in front. Especially after the blitz by Reading to start the game.

Have I changed my mind about things? No. But, again, it was a nice job and it wouldn't be fair to not recognize him for it.
Posted by Alan (986 posts) at 8:18 am Saturday
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With a nod to the old days of the IHL. This so far reminds me of how Ted Garvin used to run his teams. He could really have cared less how they played during the season as long as they got in the playoffs. He won alot of championships with teams that weren't the best in the league during the regular season. OH NO WAIT ............I'm not saying the komets are going to win the championship or not even say they will advance. I'm just saying they are hot at the right time. It's fun to watch.

I just wonder if Graham hadn't lost the locker room like so many "experts' said if they would have won this round last night. I'll wait for those experts to admit Franke and Graham knew what they were doing long term for this season. Good luck tomorrow K's hopefully attendance gets better.
Posted by Timraiders (31 posts) at 8:50 am Saturday
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Why are the Komets winning this series? 4 games and only 4 even strength goals allowed. Unreal goaltending, rebound control and back checking by everybody is darn near unstoppable.
Posted by Z.Anderson 84 (295 posts) at 10:02 am Saturday
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Wow, read the postings from last night on the prior article and it appears we have folks that just cannot let go of the regular season. We go to enjoy the game, good or bad....it is entertainment and while we are not always happy about the results...we are always there to support OUR team...lets move on with the post season and start fresh....lets see how long this lasts.

I have supported Graham, the GM and Schrock all season....hope they all come back.

The superior goal tending of Meisner is a primary reason for us being in the position we are in.

Hope you finish this in 5 boys...go KOMETS!
Posted by WHOWHO (21 posts) at 10:24 am Saturday
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Can't believe the sting rays got swept...that said if K-zoo loses their series and the komet beat reading tomorrow...we mite be able to make a push into the cup finals.
Posted by RabidChicken (136 posts) at 2:34 pm Saturday
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Some people haven't liked Schrock all season. It was easy for fans to blame the poor regular season on the captain. His hustle, his willingness to stand up for his team mates, etc. shouldn't have been overlooked but it was because he didn't score 30 goals and have 30 assists. I am glad he had some success last night. It's nice that a certain someone was able to recognize his effort last night. I am sure he will sleep a little better tonight because of it. GO KOMETS!
Posted by jonndfi (174 posts) at 3:39 pm Saturday
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Changing the subject a little bit.

If you were the Reading coach, would you continue with Gill (lost both games here) or make the change to Anderson? Gill-2.47GAA, Anderson-2.35GAA.

The Komets have peppered Gill with shots, and in doing that, he has given up many rebounds. Whoever the netminder is tomorrow, the K's must play the same style (keep shooting and get to the net).

Question for anyone who knows the answer. When did Kaleigh Schrock score his last goal? I can't remember and there isn't any doubt that playoff goals are always big goals. When Larry announced the goal, "first of the playoffs", there were some in my section that questioned whether it might have been his first in the calendar year, 2014.

I couldn't answer it.

The Ouellets, Dale, Embach, Carter, Clarke are absolutely great acquisitions. This team has gone from (right after Christmas) being down to only one scoring line, to not only having three lines that can do damage, but even sitting two or three more than solid, capable, scorers and skill level guys.
Posted by Alan (986 posts) at 3:54 pm Saturday
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Schrock scored a goal on January 17 in Elmira.
Posted by rcboats (65 posts) at 4:17 pm Saturday
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Shrock's last goal was January 29th @ wheeling. He actually had 3 goals, 1a, +3 in the month of January in a span of 5 games played. The other 6 games, his best overall month, was scoreless but was +2. His worse month was November, 1a, and -10.
Posted by orange_koolaid2.0 (212 posts) at 8:33 pm Saturday
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Thanks guys, for the information.

I knew it had been awhile and I couldn't remember.

I'm pretty sure Graham will stay with the same lineup tonight (unless someone is injured, of course).

Maybe Schrock can get another.
Posted by Alan (986 posts) at 11:18 am Sunday
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You could of easily looked that stat up but my guess is that you wanted to show everybody for some mysterious reason that its been a while since he scored. WHOWHO had it right- some people can't be happy.
Posted by jonndfi (174 posts) at 2:59 pm Sunday
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You just can't help yourself can you, jonndfi.

You couldn't be more wrong!! My ability with using the computer is very limited, almost bad. I knew if I asked the question, someone on here could provide the answer. (Interesting to me that I got TWO different answers. Still, whichever is correct is close enough).

I explained why the question was brought up. It occurred right after Larry's announcement of the Schrock goal "his first of the playoffs", he announced. Some people next to me remarked that they couldn't remember his last score. I couldn't either and it got me curious. So I posed the question. OK?

Nothing mysterious, nothing diabolical, no reason for you to read anything more into it.

I will post whatever I feel like. I don't really care if I upset you (or your boyfriend).

You don't need to react to my posts. Just do the easy thing and DON'T read them.
Posted by Alan (986 posts) at 3:42 pm Sunday
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[DELETED by moderator.]
Posted by jonm. (45 posts) at 3:48 pm Sunday
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Posted by Alan (986 posts) at 3:59 pm Sunday
4 votes 4 votes
Justin, just thinking about stuff before I go to the game. Just want you to know that I don't expect any admonishments to anyone, and will volunteer, if in your opinion, my posts are of the type that need to be stricken.
Posted by Alan (986 posts) at 4:04 pm Sunday
2 votes 3 votes
Don't worry abt them Alan. There was nothing wrong with your comments. In fact I liked them.

I'm ready for the game tonight. Lets do this Komets!
Posted by James Mellon (121 posts) at 4:17 pm Sunday
4 votes 2 votes
√Član- I tend to skip most of your posts because they are mindless dribble. War and Peace would be more exciting than reading your constant bashing of some of the players. I am sure you will find something wrong with the win tonight...you always do.
Posted by jonndfi (174 posts) at 5:31 am Monday
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