I'm going to look forward to reading the story, Justin.

I haven't figured out exactly where I stand on being affiliated vs. non-affiliated. I understand that teams can ( and will) get loaded up to a certain extent. I also understand the Franke's wanting to have as much control as possible of their roster.

Maybe another way to look at this is how many affiliated teams got eliminated? How many of those teams had AHL affiliates still in the AHL playoffs at the time of their elimination? Reading (for example) was only sent one player, correct?

Sometimes this stuff can get kind of "murky". As much as I would always like the Komets to improve, I also like the idea of being able to cheer for the players who have spent most of the season here.

My confidence in outlasting Cincinnati is wavering as I believe Cincinnati has more talent and size. Without an effective powerplay the Komets are at a disadvantage. (Hard to believe a team can have such a ineffective powerplay ALL year long).

Tighten up the middle, make quicker, better passes, and put the puck on the net. (Two goals a game just isn't going to get it done).
Posted by Alan (964 posts) at 11:01 am Monday
5 votes 6 votes
Regarding affiliation, it is playoff short-sighted to not have an affiliation. I am worried that the NHL/AHL talent will begin to overpower the unsigned talent as the series wears on.
Posted by Writes Right Shoots Left (328 posts) at 7:11 pm Monday
3 votes 4 votes
Good to see Justin is giving us all the reasons why the Komets won't advance. Or, at least some excuses why the Komet fans can complain why they lost. Two or three articles about affiliations and all that talent.

1: Just because you have an affiliation doesn't guarantee quality players.
2: Getting players returned doesn't guarantee you won't get striped of those players during the season or during the AHL/NHL playoffs.

I think the usual Komet fans will have enough ammo to whine, cry, and complain if they lose this series. All I heard in the beginning was Graham and Franke need to be gone. They don't know what they are doing. This team is now in the second round of the playoffs and playing well. This series will be a tight one. This season could have been alot worse. I hope Lang and vaskivuo enjoys watching from the stands.
Posted by Timraiders (29 posts) at 7:23 am Tuesday
5 votes 9 votes
^^ Wait, Who's whining and crying??

The beating continues...

Posted by Booner (716 posts) at 7:54 am Tuesday
12 votes 2 votes
An affiliation is not a panacea guaranteed to make your team better. Note that affiliated teams Evansville and Toledo both missed the playoffs, Toledo convincingly so despite having dual affiliations. I think a key characteristic is whether the parent club treats you like a farm team where they want players to develop or as a dumping ground for its mistakes. The latter was the situation the Komets had last season and it showed. Also, it's necessary to have an experienced coach who can successfully integrate the "core" group and the contracted players. I suspect, without any evidence, that this may have played into the Frankes' not being over-eager to land an affiliation.
Posted by Ron Wier (45 posts) at 8:01 am Tuesday
5 votes 2 votes
I feel the Ks will have a affiliation next season. Lets say it would be a NHL Central Division team with a mid-west connection. How would you all feel about that?
Posted by Just My Thoughts (132 posts) at 9:18 am Tuesday
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"Panacea"...I like it! Go K's!
Posted by KometFan02 (75 posts) at 12:48 pm Tuesday
1 vote 1 vote
"An affiliation is not a panacea guaranteed to make your team better"

11 of the past 12 cup winners would like to disagree with your apriorism.
Posted by Writes Right Shoots Left (328 posts) at 8:38 pm Tuesday
3 votes 1 vote

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