It must of been, they raised ticket prices.
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1823 posts) at 4:05 am Thursday
10 votes 11 votes
First you have to congratulate the team for coming through the first round and being very competitive in the second round.
Winning is the only measure for success at this level. The players will share the credit with coach and management.
We will know very early on if the player discontent was a few players not getting their way or other deeper issues.
Success for this "team" will be in their ability to attract talent and be bettter next year.
Posted by MikeFromToronto (36 posts) at 8:41 am Thursday
6 votes 2 votes
They need guys who can also protect their "scorers" too many hits on Auger/Marino took its toll on them. The K's have to respond to other teams taking liberties with those types of players and the same thing goes for the blue line just to soft throughout the year. I think their attendance reflected the type of team the put on the ice the whole year and even their playoff attendance hurt also. These are all things a Indy team can address if that is their true priority, if they decided to go with an NHL/AHL then some of that is out of their contral
Posted by ToeBlake (597 posts) at 11:25 am Thursday
11 votes 1 vote
I will say ticket prices more then play on the ice kept me and several friends away. I used to go to 40-45 games a yr including home and road but when pepsi zone tickets used to be 2 for 16and now r 21.00 for an adult. Factor in 5.00 to park and 15-20 in gas. Its just not feasible anymore. I think a lot of attendance drop is the out of town fans like myself. I can tell u at least 7 people from warsaw when used to go to almost every home game and in playoff several road games who not attend 10 games a yr compared to 40. I still love to go and will as I can afford to but komets have priced themselves out of bigger crowds anymore. I mean look at playoffs komets paid rent for all games but 1-2. What is tickets were 15 instead of 21? Or 10 instead of 15? Would more people show up? Answer is yes for sure. Really enjoyed playoffs now on to support my Pacers and Hawks.
Posted by Tom West (141 posts) at 12:22 pm Thursday
9 votes 1 vote
I'm with ya Tom. I used to go with a group or 7 adults and 9 kids to all Friday and Saturday games and 3-4 road games ever yr. But after yrs of ticket price hikes and parking price hikes its just too expensive. Think I made 8 home games this yr and zero road games. The games I did attend were so boring it just didn't make me want to spend the money. Fort Wayne needs a brad McMillan every year cause that's the brand of hockey that sells here. I love the Komets and always will but the boring play made it not worth going.
Posted by RabidChicken (136 posts) at 2:58 pm Thursday
12 votes 1 vote
This is the first year since 2002-2003 we didn't get season tickets. We live in Warsaw and did attend several away games as well. We went to 5 games this year and I think we left early every time except this last Saturday. It is almost cheaper for us to drive to K-Zoo and watch the games.
Posted by Rich (100 posts) at 3:59 pm Thursday
9 votes 2 votes
I agree with RabidChiken on the boring part. I have been going to Komet games for over 50 years and I am ready to give up my season ticket and stay home if this boring play continues for another year. I am not alone on fed up with the boring play.
Posted by OldGuy45 (31 posts) at 4:03 pm Thursday
11 votes 2 votes
I agree with the ticket price issues. $14 for upper deck tickets in the playoffs!
WOW! Obviously it is not only here when we here of 3 crowds in Cincinnati of less than 2000 people. Minor league hockey teams are going to depart if this continues. I think the Komets will survive if they have anyone to play against.
The boredom was too much to take as wells this year. A friend of mine bought season tickets this his words it was a big mistake!
Posted by Michael Mueller (62 posts) at 4:56 pm Thursday
12 votes 2 votes
Based on the comments from some Komet fans about boring hockey and considering the drop in attendance then I would say the season wasn't a success.

I'd like to see an affiliation to level the playing field and a designated tough guy to police the ice.
Posted by Charlie Arnold (701 posts) at 10:24 pm Thursday
10 votes 1 vote
Had 2 season tickets for the 1st time in 20 years. Won't renew again.

Let my kids use the playoff tickets. My wife and I didn't attend a single playoff game due to walk up prices being so high.

Plan to cut back on attendance significantly next year due to ticket prices, boring product (on and off the ice), lack of physical play, etc.

If the Komet organization is happy with the overall product and feel the season was a success, then I think they are out of touch with their customer base.
Posted by Camel_Clutch (51 posts) at 8:28 am Friday
13 votes 0 votes
After 14 years of season tickets, I'm not renewing mine. I'll still go to a few games next year, I'm just not willing to pay so to sit through Fort Wayne/Toledo snoozefests again. I'll pick and choose the teams I want to see. I'm also getting a mini ticket package from the Indy Fuel for 8 games. I've been loyal to the Komets and the Frankes for 14 years and I feel like every year they ask me for a little bit more and give me a little bit less. It's time for me to stop investing so much time and emotion into a one-sided relationship. I'll still support the players and buy the occasional t-shirt. I'll just take my family to movies and other events on some hockey nights next winter.
Posted by JungleMonkey (604 posts) at 8:32 am Friday
12 votes 1 vote
This season was the first in almost 30 years my wife and I didn't attend any Komet games. We watched away games broadcast on MYTV and listened to the radio. We were apprehensive about the coaching decision and the team roster so we decided to wait and see how things played out the first month or so. Needless to say we were glad we didn't waste our time and money on this product. Boring doesn't seem like a strong enough word to describe this year and I certainly wouldn't use the term successful. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we want our hard hitting, physical, take no crap Komet hockey back. Until then my wife and I will watch from afar and spend our money on other things.
Posted by Kevin E (13 posts) at 10:54 am Friday
8 votes 0 votes
They ran me off after 26 years

Glad to see Klotz won a championship.
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1823 posts) at 4:19 pm Friday
5 votes 1 vote
When do you think they will announce Marino signing? After a successful season you would be quick to get your top players signed, right?
Posted by MikeFromToronto (36 posts) at 10:52 pm Friday
2 votes 0 votes

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