Posted by mightbite mightbite (1832 posts) at 7:43 am Saturday
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Dale wasn't coming back, so no surprise there....
Posted by JR . (931 posts) at 11:23 am Saturday
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Maybe JR, maybe.

I found Jason Dale to be a truly affable young man. Those games that he didn't dress, many times he would come up to my seats and discuss hockey with me and my family. I'm not sure why he didn't get more of a chance during the playoffs. (Neither did he). He started the first two games in Reading, then never got on the ice again. His health was an issue soon after he got here (pulled groin) and he sat out to rest it. Perfectly understood by me and him also. ( I do think he would've liked to get back into the action about one week sooner than he did). I explained the injury that Dustin Molle suffered and how he never did get back into form. I explained that the K's may be trying to be extra careful. But, (and it's a big but), Dale was recovered, and he never received even a "sniff" of ice time after the Reading starts.

He was a good soldier. Never said anything but good things about the team as it plowed through so many games where an extra scorer could've made the difference. When I asked the reason for his not being in the lineup he would just shrug his shoulders. "A coach's decision".

Go back to those threads and you'll find even Justin thought Dale should play, if nothing more than to give him a shot. Other things weren't working. Why not??

Well, now he's property of Stockton. Isn't Rich Kromm the coach of Stockton? If Jason signs there, Stockton will receive a nice player with good hands and a scorers touch. Personally I hope whatever or wherever he goes success will follow.

Finally, here's a guy who probably is watching the door close on him for an AHL trip. He's a guy who enjoyed success against Fort Wayne, and may have become a fan favorite here without the huge gamble of him being called up. You need some players like that. Just another shot in a summer that has brought a lot of negative things along with it.

I don't know, but I've got a feeling we may see him again in a Kalamazoo sweater. Colin Chaulk knows him and knows his skill.

I will always "root" for the Komets but I will try to pay attention to Jason Dale's career and hope he succeeds.
Posted by Alan (1020 posts) at 12:19 pm Saturday
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Remember the local boy was playing over alot of people. Heard through the grape vine he is coming back. Great we need to waste another vet spot on a extra player who doesn't belong on this team. Please for the life of me and the 20 years of spending money on season tix bring back interesting hockey.
Posted by kometsfan (68 posts) at 10:53 pm Saturday
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There's a common force behind all of these personnel issues. It sells roman candles and loves HIS Captain.
Posted by JungleMonkey (612 posts) at 8:07 am Monday
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I sure can't argue with the thoughts of both Kometsfan and JungleMonkey.

I guess I'm having a hard time remembering when I've been so pessimistic entering into the "silly season".

In a sense I feel a little sorry for Gary Graham. This is a MUST year for him. I would say that nothing short of at least a third round foray into the playoffs will end his Fort Wayne career. It seems an awful lot of pressure for a team that hasn't committed itself to be affiliated or continue independent.
Posted by Alan (1020 posts) at 11:20 am Monday
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