lang agrees to terms with solar bears
Posted by Tim57 (92 posts) at 9:43 pm Monday
6 votes 1 vote
They enjoy goal scoring in Orlando.
Posted by JungleMonkey (591 posts) at 8:03 am Tuesday
7 votes 6 votes
So selfish to sign so early in the off season....
Posted by JR . (904 posts) at 11:33 am Tuesday
3 votes 6 votes
No Sefton?
Posted by JR . (904 posts) at 11:33 am Tuesday
5 votes 3 votes
Sarcasm?? Now those comments above wreaked of sarcasm. The worst part about it is that all are true.

Big news coming out of Orlando and Cincinnati. Not one peep from the home team.

Yeah, I know. It's early and I've vowed to be patient.
Posted by Alan (957 posts) at 12:34 pm Tuesday
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So did they give up on this guy already? Mitch Bruijsten
Posted by YouWanna (87 posts) at 2:37 pm Tuesday
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Orlando signs Alex Gallant, Brett Gallant's younger brother to protect Mickey Lang

Komets will announce a few players soon. I heard on the 18th of June, but it may be delayed?????????

I am very confused & have drank the "orange Kool-Aid" for years. Made lots of people mad & sad.
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1807 posts) at 4:52 pm Tuesday
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Protecting your undersized goal scoring forwards? Seems like a foreign concept.

I'd like to see Aaron Clarke announced as the first signing and the new Captain of your Fort Wayne Komets.
Posted by JungleMonkey (591 posts) at 9:32 am Wednesday
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Well, first of all to mightbite, no one is "confused" anymore. You've made things very plain.

Also we need to realize that just because a guy signs doesn't mean he's going to make the team, let alone play.

JungleMonkey, I am in agreement with you. I think Aaron Clarke would be a great signing and a great choice for Captain. I'd also like to see Mike Embach sign.
Posted by Alan (957 posts) at 11:50 am Wednesday
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One day I began to despise the Komets, then I root for them. I am the confused one.
I tell you Claude Giroux , then Ryan Johansen would be great players. Now I tell you Boone Jenner is next

#79 & #20 will be here
Posted by mightbite mightbite (1807 posts) at 4:43 am Thursday
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Mightbite, you're on the clock.....!
Posted by orange_koolaid2.0 (196 posts) at 8:49 am Thursday
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Schrock and Hartman? Now there are two guys that will turn this franchise around.

Had a telephone conversation yesterday with a friend, season ticket holder, and someone who knows more about hockey than most and has "contacts".

He stated the obvious. Wasting a veteran spot on Schrock is a terrible idea. He will never be more than he has shown us and that isn't enough to compete with the best this league has to offer (especially by using one of four veteran spots on him). That statement will get a lot of people going (some mad), but it is the truth. It's an old argument though, and one that seems to fall on "deaf" ears inside the front office ( and I'm afraid with Gary Graham, too).

So for everyone out there that deems my comment sacrilegious, remember that both Guy Dupuis and Colin Chaulk were treated in a questionable manner. Because it happened to them, it will happen to Schrock also. Someday.

I'm not sure when the League Meetings are to take place. (I thought it was this week, but I must be wrong about that). Too quiet.

I hope that when the K's decide to make any announcements that a few "home runs" are included.
Posted by Alan (957 posts) at 12:20 pm Thursday
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Just say no to Schrock....
Posted by JR . (904 posts) at 8:12 pm Thursday
10 votes 5 votes
Not sure on who will be back but I would love to hear some name announced!
Posted by Hoss (670 posts) at 10:44 pm Thursday
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Hoss, I can't remember, did you play? I am not asking in the context that players know better than non players.
But one thing guys that played have a feel for and that is chemistry and unity.
Team dynamics if you will.
Just wasn't there. That is why I think you will see fewer than expected back.
Why would there be a delay on signing some of the key guys from Monday?
You would think the club would be bursting to get a few guys inked and be able to steady this ship.
Posted by MikeFromToronto (35 posts) at 11:26 pm Thursday
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Oh, why hasnt Alaska announced 20 player signings if they won the Kelly Cup? Maybe there's 22 teams worth of paper work being processed. There are players signed, we can't announce until ECHL officially announces. We are too quick to chicken little everything every year. Worry about if were taking the time to recruit an affiliation with plug and play role players.
Posted by orange_koolaid2.0 (196 posts) at 5:43 am Friday
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Mike, I can't even stand on skates so that would be a no. I never once have said I know more than anyone, if push came to shove I would say I know far less about the game of hockey than most on here. I'm just a fan that loves spending time watching hockey with my family.
Posted by Hoss (670 posts) at 10:07 am Friday
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Mike, I couldn't agree more with you on your thought "you would think the club would be bursting to get a few guys inked and be able to steady this ship."

It has been reported that David Franke planned to go a little slower this season building the roster.

Big questions (at least to me) are, do the Komets affiliate? If so, how much confidence does the parent team have in Gary Graham in terms of seeing their young players improve? What, exactly, are the Komets looking for with an agreement? And why would any team join up with the history and philosophy of the Komet organization?

It just seems to me the question to affiliate or not, is the crucial first step before assembling a roster.

I think the K's know what they'd like. Problem is that when you are affiliated sometimes the "devil" comes out when it is too late.

Except for the Chase announcement, this is the quietest league meeting I can remember. No decisions on a seven team western conference, six teams in the midwest, three teams in the northeast, (division realignments) or playoff requirements.

Geesh! You'd think some headlines would come out of those discussions, wouldn't you?
Posted by Alan (957 posts) at 12:55 pm Friday
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