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The Journal Gazette

Friday, May 26, 2017 4:47 pm

Verbatim: Allen roads affected by high water

The Journal Gazette

The Allen County Highway Department issued this news release this afternoon:

As of 3:30 p.m., the Allen County Highway Department reports the following roads affected by high water due to heavy rain:

  • Bostic Rd between S. Anthony Blvd & US 27 - Closed
  • Paulding Rd. between Morgan Rd. & State Line Rd. – Closed
  • Ellison Rd. between Branstrator Rd. & US 24 – Closed
  • Yohne Rd. between Branstrator Rd. & Ellison Rd. – Closed
  • Morgan Rd. between Castleman Rd. & Paulding Rd. – Closed
  • Grissamer Rd between Felger Rd and US33 - Closed
  • Parrott Rd. between Hartzell Rd. & Maplecrest Rd. – Closed
  • Fogel Rd between N. County Line Rd & McComb Rd - Closed
  • Marion Center Rd between US 27 & Winchester Rd - Closed
  • South County Line Rd between US 27 & Winchester Rd - Closed
  • Bull Rapids Rd between Hurshtown & Springfield Ctr - Closed (collapsed pipe)
  • Tonkel Road between Garman Rd & N. Co. Line Rd - High Water
  • Carroll Rd between Johnson Rd & Hand Rd - High Water
  • Cook Rd between Butt Rd & Felger Rd - High Water
  • Wappes Rd between Hathway & Harvey Rd - High Water
  • Lake Everett Dr between Butt Rd & North Shore Dr - High Water
  • Byrie Rd between SR 205 & Wesley Chapel Rd - High Water
  • Griffin Rd between Auburn Rd & Hollopeter Rd - High Water

Motorists should continue using caution and not attempt to drive through areas of high water. Also, residents are urged to avoid the rivers -- even in a boat. The currents are dangerous and rivers are full of fast-moving debris.

In addition, the Highway Department's maintenance barns are offering citizens free sand and sandbags. The fill-them-yourself bags and sand will be available Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM at the south facility located at 8317 East Tillman Road and north facility located at 2234 Carroll Road. At least for Friday, sand at the north and south facilities will be available after hours. Sandbags are available on a first-come basis and you will need to bring your own shovel.