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Tuesday, June 06, 2017 12:51 pm

A satirical look at the history of alcohol in Indiana

Part of the Chill Indiana public awareness campaign surrounding the sale of cold beer is a satirical look at the history of alcohol in Indiana.

Think Onion article - not a true story.

Indiana infamously is the only state to regulate the sale of carryout beer based on temperature - liquor stores can, big box and convenience stores can't.

One of the first pokes at the law goes back to October 1794 and features General "Happy" Anthony Wayne and his troops' occupation of the U.S. Army stockade that would soon be dedicated to the general and later become the state's second largest city in Fort Wayne.

"During the raucous celebration that evening, 'Happy' Anthony Wayne flew into an hours-long rage after being served WARM BEER by his troops, causing them to revise his nickname for posterity's sake"

Hence, Mad Anthony.