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The Journal Gazette

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 9:52 am

Americans for Prosperity target Donnelly on tax reform

Niki Kelly | The Journal Gazette

Americans for Prosperity has launched a digital ad effort targeting 10 senators -- including Joe Donnelly -- on tax reform.

The "heavy six-figure" investment on digital platforms is the start of a comprehensive effort to push for broad, pro-growth tax reform all summer. AFP will follow the buy with more investments, direct mail, door-to-door visits and other grassroots action around the country.

The money will be split among 10 states.

“Hoosiers have an appetite for a new tax system that is fair, honest, and grows the economy, not one that raises taxes on hardworking Americans to pay for bloated government,” said Indiana Director Justin Stevens. “Hoosiers deserve and understand the benefits of tax reform based on AFP’s 5 Principles – simplicity, efficiency, equitability, predictability, and no new burden on taxpayers. Special interests prefer the status quo because they benefit from a confusing and complex tax code. We call on Senator Donnelly to stand with the people of Indiana and against the special interests by working in a bipartisan manner to pass tax reform.”

The message says "Tell Senator Donnelly It’s time to fix our broken tax code.” Then it clicks through to a petition people can sign to show these senators there’s a real appetite for tax reform and that they should really be a part of the solution that their constituents demand.

Donnelly's team said Hoosiers know he is behind them - despite out-of-state special interest groups spending on cookie-cutter ads.

"Hoosiers know how hard Joe has worked to reach across the aisle to fight for a fair tax code that helps working families in Indiana, supports more good-paying jobs, and grows the economy," said Peter Hanscom, campaign manager for Donnelly for Indiana.