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The Journal Gazette

Friday, July 14, 2017 3:12 pm

Verbatim: Tom Kelley's resignation letter

The Journal Gazette

Tom Kelley sent this resignation letter today to Dr. Mark King, board chairman:

Dear Mark

It pains me greatly to write to you today. Mark you are my friend and my Doctor. You take phenomenal care of me and are a great customer as well as my friend. You are the glue that has held Lutheran together throughout this terrible time of upheaval.

I do however need to resign as a member of the Lutheran Hospital Advisory Board and of the Lutheran Health Network Advisory Board effective today.

I have tried desperately to persuade Wayne Smith personally and the local CHS representatives that eliminating the most effective and important members of the Lutheran team at this juncture is a disastrous decision to no avail. Terminating Brian Bauer, Aaron Garafalo, Dr Randolph, Ozzie Mitson, Dr Scavo, Dr Orlow, Dr Youn etc. is absolute nonsense. I am very emotionally attached to Lutheran hospital, I was born there, my children were born there, Dr. Brian Youn saved my life at St. Joe Hospital. To say I am emotionally attached I guess is a huge understatement. And what does CHS do? They fire Dr. Youn who is perhaps one of the best Critical Care Doctors in the country.

I simply can't be part of an organization (CHS) that furloughs employees the last quarter of the year when they are needed the most, to make their numbers look better. Playing with the care and safety of patients is absolutely intolerable. Delaying much needed capital expenditures, limiting the hiring of nurses and Doctors, the list goes on and on. I just can't stand by any longer and perhaps be perceived as condoning all of this regressive activity in some way or fashion.

I wish all of the employees and Doctors at the hospital and network the best, our company's healthcare is in their hands, so I desperately need them to keep doing their best in spite of the adversity they are now facing. May God bless you and all of the great team members at the Lutheran Network.

All the Best