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The Journal Gazette

Friday, July 14, 2017 2:07 pm

Verbatim: Chuck Surack's resignation letter

The Journal Gazette

Chuck Surack sent this letter dated July 13:

Mr. Poore and Dr. Mark King,

Please accept this letter as my official resignation from the Lutheran Hospital Board and the Lutheran Network board, effective immediately.

I have incredible respect and fondness for the many amazing doctors, nurses, and other great staff at Lutheran, Dupont and St. Joe. They do unbelievable work and truly desire to provide world class healthcare for the people they serve. This is why I happily and with pride agreed many years ago to serve on these boards. My resignation in no fashion should reflect badly on them.

It is sad that I've had to come to this conclusion, but I cannot agree with or condone what has happened to so many great people in our hospitals. I am incredulous as to how such caring and talented individuals like Brian Bauer, Aaron Garafalo, Ozzie Mitson, Dr. Randolph, Dr. Scavo, Dr. Orlow, and many others have been treated and the impact this treatment will have on their careers and lives, as well as the Network and our community in general.

It is my personal opinion that the recent actions taken by CHS are not in the best interest of Lutheran Health Network, this community, and the people we serve. I cannot stand idly by and support CHS any longer.


Chuck Surack